EHP – Electronic Hearing Protection

EHP – Electronic Hearing Protection The Perfect Fit for Hearing Protection

Electronic Hearing Protection
Electronic Hearing Protection

Indianapolis, IN –-( EHP – Electronic Hearing Protection is located in Indianapolis, IN and is slated to become one of the top electronic hearing protection companies in the country for shooters and hunters- made exclusively in the USA. The debut of the product line is scheduled for January 18, 2010 at Media Day during the NSSF 2010 SHOT Show.

EHP Ranger Jr Electronic Hearing Protection
EHP Ranger Jr Electronic Hearing Protection

The first product from EHP will be the Ranger Jr. quad muffs with adjustable frequency tuning(AFT). The Ranger Jr. quad muffs are designed specifically for younger shooters, women and shooters requiring a smaller style muff to provide proper fit and maximum hearing protection for the user. The Ranger Jr. muffs have two-channel digital circuitry using state-of-the-art technology providing unsurpassed sound quality and speech clarity that only digital technology can produce.

Ranger Jr. muffs increase the user's hearing up to nine times with 50 dB of power, one of the highest ratings in the industry. By using Sound Activated Compression( SAC) circuitry, this style of shooting muff helps protect hearing from harmful effects of muzzle blasts by reducing the amplification of loud sounds to a safe level. Ranger Jr. muffs have a noise reduction rating of 24 dB- among the highest in the industry.

Two volume controls and adjustable frequency tuning controls allow the user to focus on specific sound frequencies to fit their individual needs. Because of this, many users are calling the Ranger Jr. muffs “binoculars for your ears.”

EHP – Electronic Hearing Protection are proud to provide a product line made here in the United States by one of the top hearing protection manufacturers in the world by the most experienced professionals in the industry. Visit:

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