Obama Ad Sparks Controversy For Ammo Retailer LuckyGunner.com

Obama Ad Sparks Controversy For Ammo Retailer LuckyGunner.com

LuckyGunner Fear My Obama Badge
LuckyGunner Fear My Obama Badge
Lucky Gunner.com
Lucky Gunner.com

Knoxville, TN –-(AmmoLand.com)- A badge questioning one’s trust of the U.S. government with a picture of President Obama recently sparked some controversy over at LuckyGunner.com.

After launching a new section to their site called “Get Lucky” featuring a series of funny and thought-provoking badges tailored towards gun owners and enthusiasts, Lucky Gunner Ammo, the nation’s #1 in stock ammo retailer, submitted one of the badges as an advertisement to a major online ad network.

The ad in particular featured an ominous picture of President Obama pointing, microphone in hand, with the headline “I Love My Country But I Fear My Government” imposed over the top.

It was disallowed under the guise of editorial review on the grounds that the badge was deemed inflammatory.

That said, obviously the anti-Obama badge struck a cord with some gun enthusiasts as it was voted the most popular badge by the fans of Lucky Gunner Ammo on their Facebook page.

Asked about the controversy, Brian at LuckyGunner.com said it was “sadly ironic” that the ad network wouldn’t let the Obama ad run. “I bet they would’ve let the exact same ad run if it would’ve had a picture of George W. Bush on it”, he said.

In addition to the WTSHTF (when the shit hits the fan) badge, several other badges have proven to be popular, both from what they say and the images that are used. The “I Support Our Right To Bear Arms” badge with an attractive blonde is a favorite as is the WTSHTF badge, which asks the time-tested question of “Do You Have Enough Ammo…WTSHTF?”.

The premise being that gun enthusiasts should get their ammo from Lucky Gunner Ammo because, with President Obama in the White House, the economy in the dumps, and the nationwide ammo shortage, every gun nut needs a reliable source for their handgun, rifle, shotgun, and rimfire ammo: LuckyGunner.com .

Lucky Gunner.com was started by two businessmen whose passion for sport-shooting has helped to build a following of law enforcement officers, members of our military, and many responsible citizens. Our focus at this time is narrow: to source and supply law enforcement and defense agencies as well as responsible citizens with quality ammunition for a competitive price.

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Hey Paul,

We released the following a few weeks back related to situations like New York’s SAFE Act – hopefully it helps:


In a nutshell, we are not bidding and we will not bid on any government contracts within the states prohibiting sales of ammunition to law abiding citizens.


As a patriot and NY resident, I hope you stopped selling to any NY government or law enforcement agency since NY SAFE Act has been passed


i think it should be run and displayed


What a mess…oh well.

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Happy Plinking!