eKiosk 4473 Transforms Firearm Sales Paperwork for FFL’s

eKiosk 4473 By Coloseum Software Corp. Transforms Firearm Sales Paperwork Into Efficient Business Practice for FFL’s
Software enhances speed and accuracy of federally mandated protocol.

Aimi eBook Pro
Aimi eBook Pro
Coloseum Software
Coloseum Software

Mansfield, MA –-(AmmoLand.com)- Ushering in a new era of firearms transfer technology, eKiosk by Coloseum Software Corp. enables any Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer using AIMI eBook Pro to have their customers electronically fill out the required Form 4473 over the Internet using AIMIEBOOK.NET.

Firearms Retailers & Sporting Goods Stores using Aimi eBook Pro applaud the eKiosk system placing internet kiosk computer stations in central locations of their stores. Customers complete their e4473 and return to the counter where the firearms sale is completed.

eKiosk technology reduces paperwork time by 85% and increases accuracy by 99% enabling FFL dealers to manage multiple sales simultaneously.

Developed in response to the Government Paperwork Elimination Act (GPEA Pub. L., Title XVII), and in response to requests from the firearms industry, eKiosk eliminates the hassle of tedious handwritten records while contributing to the annual reduction of over 13 million industry-specific forms. Used in conjunction with Coloseum Software’s firearms AIMI eBook Pro, eKiosk transforms the FFL business model.

eKiosk 4473 By Coloseum Software
eKiosk 4473 By Coloseum Software

More Information

For an eKiosk demo or more information about Coloseum Software contact: David Beck at 216.339.7271 or e-mail [email protected]

About Coloseum Software Corp.
The leader of firearms compliance and inventory products, Coloseum Software Corp. was founded in 2001 to fulfill the need for complete records management and inventory control with easy-to-use software. Our goal is to provide this technology in a safe, reliable, and affordable environment. Coloseum Software Corp. develops compliancy software exclusively for the firearms industry, including paperless dealer-to-dealer e-transfers, Acquisition & Disposition software, and more. Visit: www.coloseumsoftware.com or www.aimiebook.net

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I use eBook and have a little of everything going on. 1 Windows 7, 1 Vista, 1 XP and use it on a Mac at home with a VM.

Never had any troubles! Couldn't live without my eBook Pro.

Must have been mistaken. We have a melting pot of Operating Systems here and eBook performs like a champ on all of them. The support is unbelievable as well! 🙂



Hi Brad,

We run eBook on a Mac Book Pro (10.5.8) with zero issues whatsoever! I am running it (and MS SQL Server) using Parallels which is a inexpensive VM program ($80?) that works great with all Windows-only applications that I need. I'm even about to build another VM machine (also on my Mac) to run Visual Studio for Silverlight 3 development.

In fact, I noticed that when I installed WinXP (32) on my Mac, the install went extremely fast – along with all the security updates. Using eBook on a VM is seamless!



We recently made the transition to Vista on our e-book computer and have had no issues. Works great, same as always. Sounds like you may have issues with your computer?

David Beck


You must have looked at another software company. Coloseum Software runs on all operating systems on a 32-bit platform. We also have clients who are using it on 64bit and Mac using a virtual machine and it works great. The e4473 online eKiosk is used over the internet so it can be used on any operating system that can access the internet. We even have customers using it from their IPhones and Netbooks.

Perhaps you were looking at another software.

David Beck

Product & Support Manager

Coloseum Software Corp.



We investigated AIMI e-book Pro and were very hopeful for it. One problem was unresolved, which kept us from moving forward with it – it would only run on Windows XP, and we require that new software we purchase runs correctly on the most current operating system platform. In the case of AIMI e-book Pro, that just wasn't the case.

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This software has been a tremendous asset to our daily operations. We firmly believe that Coloseum Software has a solid platform here to now benefit our Customers as well. We have been very impressed with their offerings and support is top-notch exceeding all expectations.