Gun Owners of America Political Victory Endorses J.D. Hayworth for Congress

Gun Owners of America Political Victory Endorses J.D. Hayworth for Congress
— John McCain Wrong for Arizona, Wrong for America

Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund
Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund

Arizona – -( John McCain has gone out of his way to earn the ire of conservatives and gun owners in his 20-plus years as a U.S. Senator from Arizona.

Perhaps his crowning legislative achievement was so-called campaign finance reform, or the McCain-Feingold law. This law put the muzzle on organizations such as GOA, prohibiting any broadcast advertisements within 30 days of a primary election and 60 days of a general election that even mention the name of a candidate for federal office.

Not surprisingly, there is frequently a flurry of activity in Congress in the months right before an election, as politicians try to ram bills through at the end of a session. Forbidding criticism of sitting legislators during these crucial times (although media corporations were exempt) made McCain's bill the perfect “Incumbent Protection” act.

McCain's bill prohibited the most important form of speech the Founding Fathers meant to protect with the First Amendment — political speech — so it was welcome news when the Supreme Court recently repudiated much of the McCain bill as an assault on liberty.

But it should not come as a surprise that McCain does not want voters hear about what he's up to in Washington, because the same person who holds the First Amendment in contempt would also like to run the Second Amendment through a shredder.

John McCain may have begun as a pro-gun legislator, but when he decided to become a gun control “maverick,” he went all out.

Since his conversion to a gun control advocate over the last ten years, McCain has favored a ban on small and inexpensive handguns and considered a ban on certain semi-automatic firearms (so-called assault weapons).

In what was his boldest move against American gun owners, however, McCain authored a bill to that could only have been designed to close down gun shows. In addition to regulating all private sales at gun shows, his bill would have placed onerous licensing requirements on gun show promoters and would essentially have registered the millions of people who attend gun shows. Under the burdens of the McCain bill, no promoter in the country would put on a gun show and, if they did, gun owners would likely not attend.

Thanks to McCain, the inaccurate and misleading phrase “gun show loophole” became a part of the anti-Second Amendment crowd's lexicon.

The truth is, there is no gun show loophole; firearms transactions are conducted the same inside a gun show as they are anyplace else.

In 2000, McCain became a spokesman for a gun control organization (now defunct) called Americans for Gun Safety, a group that advocated licensing and registering all gun owners. The group ran radio and TV ads with McCain supporting ballot initiatives in Colorado and Oregon that would impose McCain's favorite restrictions on gun shows.

These ads were a way for McCain to “stick it” to gun owners, after a gun show bill stalled in the Congress.

“I think that if the Congress won't act, the least I can do is support the initiative in states where it's on the ballot,” McCain said in an interview.

In 2001, the group ran advertisements in movie theaters featuring McCain urging people to keep their guns locked up “for the sake of the children.” In the ads, he greatly exaggerated the risks of children gaining access to firearms in the home, and at the same time completely ignored the danger of having guns locked away if they are needed to thwart a criminal attack.

After the 2001 terror attacks, when Gun Owners of America and tens of thousands of commercial airline pilots were pushing legislation to arm pilots as a defense against terrorism, McCain prepared an amendment that would have replaced “firearms” with “stun guns.” GOA pointed out at the time how stun guns would not be effective against the type of attacks that could occur in a cockpit.

John McCain may pretend to be pro-gun (especially in election years) but he has plunged his dagger deep into the backs of gun rights supporters. He may fancy himself as a “maverick” in shining armor, riding to rescue the American people, but all the while he has trampled the Bill of Rights underfoot.

Thankfully, this year gun owners have a choice. Former Rep. J.D. Hayworth, who was “A” rated by Gun Owners of America in his twelve years in the House of Representatives, is challenging McCain in the 2010 Republican primary.

J.D. respects the Constitution and understands that the Second Amendment was put there by the Founding Fathers to always ensure that the people would have the means to preserve their liberty.

During his time in the Congress, J.D. Hayworth did not vote one way in election years and another way when in nonelection years. J.D. consistently supported the Second Amendment, and that is just the type of leadership gun owners in Arizona will vote for in November.

Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund is proud to endorse J.D. Hayworth for U.S. Senate and urges gun owners and sportsmen from across America to help defeat anti-gunner McCain.

Please visit J.D. on the web at to make the most generous contribution possible. Working together, we can win this fight and gain a Second Amendment ally in the U.S. Senate.


Tim Macy
Vice Chairman

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Gun Owners of America (GOA) is a non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. GOA sees firearms ownership as a freedom issue. ‘The only no comprise gun lobby in Washington’ – Ron Paul

  • 6 thoughts on “Gun Owners of America Political Victory Endorses J.D. Hayworth for Congress

    1. that is, "into" retirement. Sorry for the semantic goof. Some liberal will probably call me an ignorant hillbilly now…although that's all they have to run on….stone throwing, that is.

    2. As an Arizonan I am disgusted with the liar, John McCain, aka, Juan McAmnesty, who was for amnesty before he was against it. I have heard McCain publicly state he NEVER was for amnesty. This is an outright lie.

      There are many in Arizona who are fighting daily to preserve Arizona from the invasion from the south. McCain says "finish the dang fence" but he doesn't mean it. He is running for reelection on his deceitful record.

      Unfortunately many Arizonans have bought into the untruths of John McShame. Okay, he was a POW. But you can't live on that forever.

      I served in Vietnam too. And I was in law enforcement in Phoenix for 27 years. That and $1.50 will get both myself and McCain a cup of coffee in a restaurant.

      It's time to disenfranchise the "royalty" in D.C. and send them all [into] retirement.

    3. As the former four year Republican Chairman of McCain's State Legislative District and current Chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Party, I have publicly opposed McCain's unending advocacy of liberal initiatives for 10 years. Let me name a few:

      .His initiatives to close the gun shows and to implement campaign finance reform did not arise from conservatives nor Republicans but from liberal Democrats Lieberman and Feingold and was funded by extreme liberal George Soros.

      .Taxpayer money for research on aborted fetuses and for embryonic stem cell research (destroys human life). He deceitfully says he supports stem cell research while not disclosing that it is adult stem cell research that does not destroy human life and is actually being used to successfully treat over 80 human ailments while embryonic research has been a complete failure. He claims to be a fiscal hawk while he repeated advocates the waste of billions in tax payer funds in much of his legislation.

      .He campaigned against an initiative in AZ to require proof of U.S. citizenship to register to vote and photo id when voting. He toured with then extreme liberal anti-gun Governor Napolitano (now Home land Security Chief) against our citizen voting rights.
      .He purports to be in favor of securing our border while continuing to push for Comprehensive Immigration Reform and our border has not been secured nor are we protected from the illegal alien invasion nor terrorist crossing our border.

      .He has taken Al Gore's "humans cause global warming" thesis hook, line, and sinker.

      .He advocated for a new government cap and trade agency to reduce our carbon footprint.

      .He voted against drilling for our own oil, resulting in a negative impact on our national defense and inflationary upward spiral on oil products.

      .He advocating for closing Gitmo and trying terrorists in the U.S.

      .He now wants to infringe upon our rights again by expanding government to reduce our access to medical supplements.

      I have just touched upon the surface of this man's failure to defend the Constitution and represent those of us who want a consistent conservative to advocate for lower taxes and less government. JD has a proven consistent conservative constitutional record we can examine. John McCain is an irrational Maverick whose only consistency is duplicitous rhetoric and a Mussolini like knife in the back to conservatives.

    4. McCain isn't after our guns and the 2nd Amendment isn't going away either. Here are a couple quotes from a McCain NRA interview: "Gun bans don’t work, because they only restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens….Gun bans, waiting periods, ammunition bans, registration and licensing of gun owners, each of these has a common theme: They only affect law-abiding citizens. And they have another common theme: They don’t work as crime- fighting tools."

      And you should think long and hard about endorsing Hayworth. I'm a card-carrying life member of the NRA and Hayworth is a joke. He should stick to talk radio. No way I want JD representing AZ…every time he has control, he messes up, gets in legal trouble or it is immoral

    5. McCains performance as a public servant has left much to be desired. Without enumerating a complete list of his ethical lapses, let me say that his hand has habitually been in the "cash register" throughout his years in office. Wherever "vote buying" was taking place, there frequently could be found John McCain. It can certainly be argued that "greasin" politicians is all part of the game and is so widespread that if we locked up every crooked politician that deserved prison time we would have to go off shore to find space. However, among McCains most aggregious (sp??) ethical lapses…and not widely known…has been taking money from foreign sources to undermine/betray US National Security interests. Specifically, McCain has recieved millions from Albanian and Bosnian muslims to promote the expansion of the islamo-marxist "footprint" in the Balkans by conducting genocide against and ethnic cleansing of Christian Serbs from their historic homelands…a process first initiated by Adolph Hitler during WWII. During the Clinton/NATO bombing of Serbia in 1998 to force them to "surrender" their Kosovo province Albanian muslim occupation, McCain wanted to send in US ground troops to take Serb bullets meant for KLA muslims. Maybe some of you McCain supporters would like to ask him how many $$M's he pocketed for betraying our WWI/WWII Serbian allies to the Bosnian and Albanian muslim Hitlerite goosesteppers.

    6. We admire John McCain for his bravery and endurance during a terrible incarceration.
      However, John (like all of will) has grown quite old.

      Old enough to retire. In his restive years he has said and did some things that we don't like to even talk about.

      We do believe that it was he an his campaign group that failed to ask the present President for "MORE QUALIFYING" information on that person.

      It would have a lot less uneasiness among today's real citizens. He refused to question the man. He was the 'braggard' that
      questioned no one. Mr. McCain it did not work out!

      Once again, we never will question your brave past. We thank you for every hour you spent as a captive.

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