ATK Response to Inquiries Regarding Once-Fired Brass Cases

ATK Response to Inquiries Regarding Once-Fired Brass Cases

This was in response to MSSA's questioning whether ATK was involved in an end-run around the rescinding order by the DOD to stop destroying once fired brass at US military bases. –

Once Fired Military Brass Casings
Once Fired Military Brass Casings

MINNEAPOLIS, MN –-(  ATK is a strong supporter of our armed forces, the shooting sports industry, second amendment rights and all of our customers who choose to reload ammunition.

In fact, ATK is a leader in the reloading market. The dated brochure and presentation have caused confusion in the marketplace and do not reflect the views of our company and will be immediately withdrawn.

As a service to our military customers, we routinely handle demil operations for various munitions and respond to requests from military installations for reclamation and recycling of military items.

Each contract is awarded through the military installation’s procurement process. The installations received fair value for the brass.

ATK fully supports the provision passed by Congress last year to ensure that demilitarized spent brass casings remain available for civilian use.

Amanda Covington
ATK Armament Systems
  • 6 thoughts on “ATK Response to Inquiries Regarding Once-Fired Brass Cases

    1. Wow. ATK turns out to be a bunch of pirates. I read the response. I didn't hear a denial. I didn't hear a change of policy. What I heard was obfuscation and crawfishing, while continuing the same bad acts.

      Smacks of illegal activity to me. Wonder if those base commanders have considered the long-term impact on their careers of collaborating in such a scheme to defraud the government of large sums of money for the short-term small sum benefit of their base?

      Let's hope the ATK crowd winds up in jail alongside their collaborators, the base commanders.

    2. That is NOT a denial. That IS an admission with very flowery double speak. What you are doing is a violation of fair trade practice laws. Buy up the surplus, destroy it, and charge more since the supply was lowered (by you). That is NOT legal and I hope you get busted under RICO for it.

      This administration may turn a blind I to your activities but the next one my (and hopefully) will not. Till then, I will no longer purchase ANY of your products!

    3. We don't give a damn about whether the military received a "fair price" or not. We're concerned that the brass is destroyed and not made available for purchase by civilian reloaders!

      And it this company, or any of their affiliates etc. also deals in reloading components, then reloaders should boycott their products until this brass situation is corrected.

    4. "The dated brochure and presentation have caused confusion in the marketplace and do not reflect the views of our company and will be immediately withdrawn." Amanda Covington

      Funny; I understood the language in the brochure perfictly, NO confusion here. The brochure may be withdrawn BUT are they still destriying once fired military brass??????

      Alliant will never again get a red cent of my money I hope Amanda Covington reads this…

    5. It is to ATKs benefit to keep their business in ammo and components a seller's market. Reloadable military brass while it creates some small demand for components is also direct competition for their loaded ammo which is the more lucrative market.

      Paying scrap brass price for fired cases that are worth at least four times as much if not demilled and diverting the compensation from the treasury to local commander accounts strikes me as something for the Inspector General to take a hard look at. Would not surprise me if someone had not already dropped a dime on them regarding this situation.

    6. ATK's Clinton style answer is not good enough. I am likely not ever a RCBS, Speer, CCI, Federal customer again. This also goes a long ways into explaining the recent primer shortage, as those conspiracy theories are pretty much validated by ATK's brochure, and ATK makes the majority of primers in the US. Who would have thought that the parent company of RCBS, would make comments that equate us reloaders as untrustworthy and potentially dangerous to our troops and law enforcement?

      Call your congressional delegation to put an end to this kickback scheme too.

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