Listen to McDonald v. City of Chicago Updates on Downrange TV

Listen to McDonald v. City of Chicago Updates on Downrange TV

Supreme Court
Supreme Court
Down Range TV with Michael Blain

Howard, KS – -( Today and tomorrow, Down Range TV will be covering the McDonald v. City of Chicago Oral Arguments with commentaries from Michael Bane, Jim Shepherd, Dave Kopel and Dave Hardy.

Down Range Radio will also have the oral arguments as one of the topics in this week’s edition airing from midnight.

DOWN RANGE Television (DRTV) has quickly become the gold standard for Internet firearms sites. Founded in February 2007 by television personality and journalist Michael Bane and his partner Marshal Halloway founder of the first Internet firearms social community — CAS City — in 1995, DRTV offers original short-form video, original articles, moderated forums, gun giveaways, links to blogs and original weekly audio podcasts.

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David Fraley

Mayor Daley sites horror stories of people who were hurt by guns in his town as a reason to ban guns. He fails to point out that these happened under his watch and his austere rules, witch failed to protect them. Perhaps some of them might have been spared if they were not perceived as unarmed and helpless. The shooters might have thought better of it if and held there fire. Wolves attack sheep not bears. Criminals are immune from gun laws. The primary problem with all gun laws is the very people they are aimed at are those lest… Read more »