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Armed American Radio – Coming Up On April 25th 2010
The Official Voice of the USCCA
by Mark Walters

Armed American Radio
Armed American Radio

Jackson, WI –-( Whoa! This past Sunday show can only be summed up in three words. WOW, WOW and WOW!

To officially kick off the Second Amendment March on DC, the show lineup was the greatest yet…and I DO mean the GREATEST yet.

I was surrounded in the studio by some of the biggest names in the firearms field and every one of them came to join me on AAR. Nationally syndicated talk radio giant MANCOW was on hand as the first guest to help set the electric stage of the show…And it worked.

The electricity generated by the studio full of “heavy hitters” loudly cheering and enjoying themselves was felt across the airwaves. For crying out loud, if you missed it, go over to and GET it!

Larry Pratt, Dick Heller, Lt. Bill Nelson, Stuart Rhodes, Tim Schmidt, David Burnett, and more were all on hand LIVE in the studio with me.

This week, we LOVE the sheriff AGAIN! I'll be speaking to San Miguel County, NM sheriff candidate Rico Giron. Another gun loving patriot who comes endorsed by some of the best! Co-host Rob Pincus will be back with me live after two weeks of taking AAR on the road and we'll be talking to the gang from the Scottsdale Gun Club to tell you about the little Thompson machine gun shoot I had with Morgan Boatman. The lineup gets better every week. BE THERE!

Oh yeah, AAR also adds new affiliates in Greenville, SC at 660 AM WLFJ and a little birdie just informed me that Alamogordo, New Mexico is right around the corner! More to come folks, more to come!

Also, Please visit AAR's newest sponsor, GALCO GUNLEATHER at You won't find a better product and Mike Barham from Galco will join me on the air to talk about the plant tour we had while I was out in the freest state in the desert!

Head on over to and don't forget to join me at FACEBOOK!

Thanks everyone and I'll see YOU on the radio THIS Sunday from 8-11pm ET and 508 pm PT.

I'll see you on the radio!

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