to Participate in the Second Amendment March to Participate in the Second Amendment March

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KNOXVILLE, TN –-( In the interest of protecting your Second Amendment Rights, will be participating in the upcoming historic Second Amendment March on Washington, D.C. on April 19th.

This march will bring together Second Amendment supporters from all across our country to march peacefully on our nation’s capitol.

The Second Amendment March is a grassroots organization that is bringing together people who support the right to bear arms, and has the support of the NRA-ILA. It’s an event for all Americans who believe strongly in the Constitution and the importance of preserving the Second Amendment as our Founding Fathers intended.

While this march is non-partisan, there are those who are becoming increasingly alarmed with the way many politicians in Washington, D.C. have been behaving lately. In fact, many of these same elected representatives have shown an outright disregard towards the Constitution. No matter which side of the political spectrum you fall on, folks can likely agree that our elected representatives have forgotten their most important oath and mission: to protect the U.S. Constitution.

There are those who fear that the 2nd Amendment may be the next portion of the Constitution to get trampled on. So for those who want to do something about it BEFORE that happens, invites you to join them in this peaceful march on April 19th, just 9 days from now.

If you are near the Washington D.C. area – or just care about defending our Second Amendment rights – then please go check out the Second Amendment March’s website today. Also take time to review Washington DC Gun Laws.