Post-Chicago Gun Rights Strategy Alert

Post-Chicago Gun Rights Strategy Alert

Washington, DC –-( Today America and civil rights won a huge victory … which will cause us much grief in the coming years. Celebrate tonight, then resume loading your intellectual ammo tomorrow.

As a marketing strategist by trade, my job is to anticipate what competitors will do. Now that banning certain types of guns (namely handguns) is no longer possible, the opposition will change their near-term goals and strategy.

Here are the issues I believe we must anticipate and prepare to defend against.

Registration and licensing: Pro-gun forces have resisted national registration and licensing because it would lead to confiscation. The gun control industry will now make the argument that since banning is no longer an option, registration is not a threat.

However, this only applies to handguns … for the moment. Banning guns remains an option for “assault weapons”, .50 caliber, machineguns and more. Thus registration remains a threat.

Additionally, this court decision is only as strong as future packed courts. Registered guns today become confiscated guns tomorrow if a future court reverses their opinion (and as summarized in my ancient copy of Constitutional law and Politics, Volume One, the court routinely reverses itself).


  • Marshall Court (1801-1836) 3
  • Taney Court (1836-1864) 4
  • Chase Court (1864-1873) 4
  • Waite Court (1874-1888) 13
  • Fuller Court (1888-1910) 4
  • White Court (1910-1921) 5
  • Taft Court (1921-1930) 6
  • Hughes Court (1930-1941) 21
  • Stone Court (1941-1946) 15
  • Vinson Court (1946-1953) 13
  • Warren Court (1953-1969) 45
  • Burger Court (1969-1986) 52
  • Rehnquist Court (1986- 34

Total 219

Hamstringing: With banning off the table, the next best way to eliminate private ownership is to make it insanely difficult to obtain a firearm. Here in California moves are being made at the local level to make buying ammo difficult. In New York and D.C. the hurdles one must jump before obtaining a handgun are huge.

Expect the gun control industry to push laws at all levels to erect new roadblocks and test them in court. Each law that adds time and duties before acquiring a gun delays the exercise of your right, and as we chanted in the civil rights era, a right delayed is a right denied.

There is no “reasonable regulation” of a civil right.

Banning non-handguns: The gun control industry was effective in inventing the concept of “assault weapons” and thus banning many sporting rifles. Expect any firearm not specifically suited for self defense to become a banning target. We know that every firearm is protected by the Second Amendment. We know that every firearm has some self-defense or militia purpose. But the gun control industry knows how to confuse the public. Your dove gun may be reclassified as an “assault weapon” in the next round of legislation.

Ammo: In California some cities have tried to make ammo sales impossible. Guns without ammo are merely clubs, so the gun control industry will target ammo. Expect more bullet tax, registration/finger printing, and display restrictions if not an outright push to limit the amount of ammo you can buy (imagine a 50-round a month limit).

Friends, we can smile at today’s victory. But the gun control industry has been in business for over a hundred years. They have money, they have manpower, they have friends in the White House and they have an agenda. They are not defeated and they will not rest. Stay alert, stay prepared, and keep your power dry.

Yours in Liberty
Guy Smith
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Celesta Lespar

Very good article, I love your web site, you guys are the face of the GUN LOBBY.

Please keep the news and updates flowing.