ICarry Takes Chicago & Gun Hating Mayor Daley Back to Court

ICarry Takes Chicago & Gun Hating Mayor Daley Back to Court
By Executive Director Shaun Kranish


Illinois –-(Ammoland.com)- Although the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in McDonald that Chicago has violated an individual and fundamental right to keep and bear arms by having an outright ban on pistols (and for decades this ban did not apply to Chicago aldermen and other criminals), Daley and his cohorts have immediately responded with more outrageous restrictions.

  1. Long waiting, lots of paperwork
  2. Huge fees for the permits
  3. No gun stores in Chicago
  4. Expensive training including live fire exercise required, but no training is allowed in the city
  5. Limits on number of guns
  6. You can’t have a gun in all parts of your home
  7. Much more…

Does it surprise law-abiding gun owners to receive this latest slap-in-the-face from King Richard? The intent of the new laws is quite clear – to make it as difficult and repressive as possible to own (keep) and carry (bear) a firearm.

Who do these new laws apply to? Well, certainly not the mayor, the aldermen, or their fleet of bodyguards (our hearts go out to the fallen policeman who was shot a week before his retirement after returning home from protecting King Richard’s house).

The laws are only written for you and I. Exactly the people who would never commit a crime. They simply don’t want us to own guns – it’s very clear with the miles of red tape, time, and expense required. Make any mistakes – or perhaps even if you do your best – the city has your name, address, and they may just come to visit you.

For this reason, ICarry.org has teamed up with nationally-known attorney Walter Maksym of Chicago to defend the Constitution and your rights. Mr. Maksym has put his extensive experience and knowledge to full use for us, and every gun owner in the country should applaud him for taking this case on. ICarry.org leaders have been vigorously working with Mr. Maksym this past month to make sure all unconstitutional aspects of the new Chicago ordinance are properly challenged.

Special thanks also goes out to ICarry.org President R. Joseph Franzese aka “Joe.” Joe is a federally=licensed firearms dealer and has be planning on opening gun shops in Chicago for some time. After the McDonald ruling, Joe was exciting to get started and filed for business licenses at multiple locations in Chicago. However, a few days later Daley announced the new ban on gun shops. We’re saying no!!

Mr. Daley:

  • You can’t ban gun stores when guns are legal no more than you can ban book stores when books are legal.
  • You can’t ban gun stores when guns are legal no more than you can ban churches, synagogues, and mosques when religion is a constitutionally-protected freedom.
  • You can’t license, permit, and charge for the exercise of fundamental rights – especially those protected by the highest law in the land, our Constitution!

As Joe pointed out in this TV interview on Fox, Mayor Daley flunked the bar exam 4 times. That whole darn Constitution part is tough for some to understand!!!

  • More TV coverage
  • And newspaper
  • Tribune
  • Sun Times
  • Tribune with picture of Joe
  • Many more – Google search it 😀

We will report the progress of the lawsuit on a continual basis, as the results will have astounding affects on the State of Illinois and perhaps even the rest of the country. It’s time for sensible gun laws – ones that target the criminal misuse of guns and not ones that regulate and punish people with haven’t threatened or harmed anyone.

ICarry.org, a website devoted to to bringing concealed carry to Illinois and Wisconsin – the only two states without it.

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11 years ago

this suit is fine, and what is needed. But what is more needed is for the citizens of Chicago, perhaps even some of her former citizens now dead, need to band together and vote this creep and his cohorts out of office. If those dead guys can vote for presidents, I don't see any reason they can't vote against a pervert like Daley. When is his present term ending? What about the sleazy aldermen who are in cahoots with this criminal? Vote them all out….. the quicker the sooner. Oh, and beat them at their own game…. win that lawsuit.… Read more »