California Ammunition Registration Being Fast Tracked to Avoid Debate

California Ammunition Registration Being Fast Tracked to Avoid Debate
Sent to Senate Public Safety Committee
Ammunition Registration Bill 2358 (De Leon)

California Rifle and Pistol Association
California Rifle and Pistol Association

Sacramento, Ca –-( CRPA needs your help to stop AB 2358! Please act immediately to email and/or call your Senator and the members of the Senate Public Safety Committee (listed below) through the CRPA website at

Things are moving fast in the last days of this legislative session. AB 2358, the handgun ammunition registration bill, was just amended to include some rifle cartridges commonly used by hunters and target shooters.

The bill was immediately then sent to the Senate Committee on Public Safety and set for hearing on Monday, August 23.

AB 2358 will not stop crime and will impose unnecessary restrictions on law-abiding Californians.

If enacted,AB 2358 would require that ammunition vendors transmit records of sale, information on the quantity and type of ammunition purchased, and the personal information of purchasers collected at the time of sale to local law enforcement if required by city or county ordinance. AB 2358 would allow uncontrolled expansion of city and county ordinances requiring handgun ammunition vendors to transmit all information collected relating to sales of handgun ammunition and some rifle cartridges to local law enforcement agencies.

CRPA urges a NO VOTE on AB 2358 for the following reasons:

  • AB 2358 has a negative impact on hunters and target shooters. The bill, as amended, has been expanded to require registration of rifle cartridges such as 22. rimfire, .223, and 7.62×39 commonly used by hunters and target shooters.
  • Hunters would no longer be able to buy rifle cartridges directly from internet sporting goods vendors.
  • AB 2358 leaves ammunition purchasers at risk for identity theft due to the lack of requirements for safe and secure storage of personal information collected and turned over to local jurisdictions.
  • AB 2358 is an unnecessary bill. AB 2358 proposes to clean up language created by AB 962 (2009; Senator De Leon) to protect the personal information of ammunition purchasers in the same manner as SB 282 (2010; Firearms and Ammunition Transaction Privacy; Senator Wright) However, AB 2358, only deals with ammunition transactions. This is in contrast to SB 282 which covers both ammunition and firearms transactions.
  • State law supersedes local ordinances in the regulation of firearms and ammunition. AB 2358’s requirements directly conflict with the state’s ability to regulate ammunition purchases without interference by local jurisdictions.
  • Law enforcement already has the ability to inspect ammunition records without requiring the transmittal of records to the agency.
  • AB 2358 sets up a cumbersome recordkeeping process for ammunition vendors. It creates a multitude of complicated and conflicting local ordinances and will require ammunition vendors to apply for a license to sell. If a vendor owns stores in different jurisdictions, it would be difficult to comply with regulations that lack uniformity.
  • AB 2358 puts ammunition vendors and purchasers at the whim of city councils and county boards that would have local, discretionary authority to regulate ammunition and grant or deny licenses to sell ammunition. Vendors could be prohibited from obtaining a local permit to sell at gun shows or sporting events .


  • State Senator Mark Leno (Chair)
    (916) 651-4003
    [email protected]
  • State Senator Dave Cogdill (Vice-Chair)
    (916) 651-4014
  • State Senator Gilbert Cedillo
    (916) 651-4022
  • State Senator Loni Hancock
    (916) 651-4009
  • State Senator Robert Huff
    (916) 651-4029
  • State Senator Darrell Steinberg
    (916) 651-4006
  • State Senator Roderick Wright
    (916) 651-4025

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