Maryland Shall Issue Gives $10K To SAF For Help In Lawsuit

Maryland Shall Issue Gives $10K To SAF For Help In Lawsuit

Second Amendment Foundation
Second Amendment Foundation

BELLEVUE, WA –-( generous $10,000 contribution to the Second Amendment Foundation’s continuing legal efforts to roll back onerous gun laws across the country, including the state of Maryland, has been announced by Maryland Shall Issue (MSI), a grassroots gun rights organization.

“We are grateful and humbled by the Maryland Shall Issue contribution,” said SAF Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “This single donation will greatly support our on-going legal battles to restore lost gun rights, one lawsuit at a time.”

In an e-mail announcement to its members, MSI noted, “This is one of the times where we must stand up as a community and demonstrate our commitment to supporting those that are supporting us. In this case, we want to support the SAF.”

On July 29, SAF filed a lawsuit in Maryland on behalf of Baltimore County resident Raymond Woollard, challenging the denial of his gun permit renewal in 2009 on the grounds that he could not demonstrate “a reasonable precaution against apprehended danger.”

“Although our lawsuit complaint cannot be amended,” Gottlieb announced, “we are making Maryland Shall Issue an honorary plaintiff. We simply cannot amply express our gratitude to MSI members for their generosity.”

MSI held a general members’ meeting on Sunday in Annapolis to announce the contribution. Traditionally, the organization has asked for member donations only once each year, during membership renewals in September.

“Maryland’s contribution comes at a critical time for us,” Gottlieb stated. “We will use this money wisely, to get the biggest legal bang for every buck.”

MaryLand Shall Issue had this to say:

We know that you’ve been patiently waiting all weekend to hear what the final tally was on the Second Amendment Foundation money bomb effort that we worked on last week. We held off announcing it until the meeting yesterday because we were still tallying donations even as people walked in the door.We’re excited to announce that your generosity has given us the ability to send a check to the SAF in the amount of $10,000! MSI members have been more than generous on past projects that have assisted a lot of Pro-2A efforts, but this week’s donation represents a new standard for us.

A phone call was placed to SAF headquarters promptly at noon today, 9:00am PDT, so that we could get their week started off right. After a very pleasant talk with Mr. Thomas McKiddie, he assured us that this donation is appreciated beyond measure and that MSI will now be a Patron Member of the SAF. As of this writing, we’re expecting a call back from Alan Gottlieb, founder of the SAF.

Maryland gun owners are showing that they are willing to put their money where their mouths are and will support those that support us.

Thank you again for your contributions to this cause. We hit an unqualified grand slam on this one.

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