Remington Versa Max Autoloading Shotguns

Remington VERSA MAX – the New Pinnacle of Autoloading Shotguns
Any Load, Any Where, Every Time.

Remington Versa Max Autoloading Shotguns
Remington Versa Max Autoloading Shotguns
Remington Arms Company
Remington Arms Company

Madison, NC –-( Remington is pleased to announce the most exciting addition to its respected 100-year lineage of autoloading shotguns – the highly-anticipated VERSA MAX.

This technologically-advanced, gas-piston operated 12-gauge, 3½-inch autoloader shatters convention and all previous benchmarks for reliability with an action that is unlike any that have come before it. Built to withstand the elements, function reliably with all 12-gauge shells with less recoil than some 20-gauge shotguns, and designed to be fully adjustable for length of pull, comb height and stock drop and cast; the VERSA MAX represents true versatility to the MAX!

Initial VERSA MAX offerings include a 28-inch black synthetic version with custom grey overmolded grips and 28-inch Mossy Oak Duck Blind full camo version with black overmolded grips. In January 2011, two additional 12-gauge models will be introduced – a 26-inch black synthetic offering with grey overmolded grips and a 26-inch Realtree AP fully-camouflaged version. Both the 26-inch and 28-inch black synthetic models come with five Flush Pro Bore chokes (Full, Mod, Imp Mod, Light Mod and IC) and both camouflaged versions come with four Pro Bore Extended choke tubes (IC, Mod, Full and Extra Full). All models feature our soft-touch finish on the stocks and fore-ends.

At the heart of VERSA MAX is our patented VersaPort gas piston system; an extremely-reliable, semi-automatic operating system consisting of seven gas ports and two gas pistons for enhanced load versatility, while softening recoil and reducing maintenance. The VersaPort gas system self-regulates gas pressure based on the length of the shell, for flawless cycling no matter the load! Additionally with its self-cleaning gas piston system, overall maintenance time and effort is greatly reduced. With fewer parts than conventional gas systems, not only is cleaning easier but there are fewer parts to maintain. From the lightest 2 ¾-inch target loads to the heaviest 3 ½-inch magnums, the VERSA MAX cycles with ultimate consistency, softer recoil and less maintenance than ever experienced before.

VERSA MAX proved its reliability in an extreme test of endurance. We cycled hundreds of thousands of rounds through VERSA MAX in temperature extremes ranging from -200 F to 1200 F and it passed the test! Reliability is essential, but VERSA MAX is durable as well.

Designed for the field, VERSA MAX provides extreme corrosion resistance with its anodized aluminum receiver; TriNyte-coated barrel with nickel-plated bore (camo guns have nickel-plated barrels and bores with camo outer layer); nickel-Teflon plated internal gas system components; stainless steel magazine tube; aluminum action tube; and nickel-plated springs. Housed in a durable soft-touch synthetic stock with rubber overmolded grip panels in key areas of the stock and fore-end, VERSA MAX provides superior handling and grip in all weather conditions. Larger trigger guard design and over-sized cross-bolt safety provide greater dexterity when wearing gloves on extreme cold weather hunts.

VERSA MAX is designed to be fully adjustable for a custom fit as well. The stock features an extra thick SuperCell recoil pad and Adjustable Length of Pull (LOP) Spacer Kit so you can quickly adjust the stock length, up to one inch longer, to adapt to any shooting situation. To further customize fit, VERSA MAX has an adjustable drop and cast shim system which is easily tailored to fit with the included wrench. An interchangeable, padded cheek comb insert allows for better sight alignment and comfort when shooting. Proper fit combined with the recoil-absorbing features of the VERSA MAX, makes shooting more enjoyable and reduces the recoil of even the heaviest waterfowl loads to a light push.

Additional features on this revolutionary 12-gauge autoloader include mil-spec anodized aluminum receiver for overall weight reduction and corrosion resistance with superior strength of design; 4140 hammer-forged steel barrel with a ventilated rib that tapers from 10mm at the receiver to 7mm at the muzzle for consistent sighting; drilled and tapped receiver for mounting optics; sling studs for ease of carrying; over-sized cross-bolt safety; Pro Bore choke tubes to match any shooting situation; HiViz sights featuring interchangeable light pipes for quick target acquisition; and a 3+1 shell capacity for 2 ¾ & 3-inch shotshells and 2+1 for 3 ½-inch shotshells.

Ready to take afield or to the range, VERSA MAX comes complete with a custom rugged, hard plastic carrying case. As an added bonus, all VERSA MAX shotguns come standard with Remington’s Platinum Service Plan. Free to all who participate, the plan includes one courtesy cleaning and detailed inspection within the first 12 months of purchase, 7-day turnaround on all repairs and free shipping on all warranty repairs.

Only Remington is capable of delivering such an innovative autoloading shotgun to the marketplace. See your local dealer today to be one of the first to own the most versatile, reliable, and softest-recoiling 12-gauge autoloader in the world – VERSA MAX!


Order #

Black Synthetic 28-Inch Barrel


Waterfowl 28-Inch Barrel


Black Synthetic26-Inch Barrel


All Purpose Camo26-Inch Barrel


Gauge 12-Gauge 12-Gauge 12-Gauge 12-Gauge
Mag. Capacity 3+1 (2 ¾ and 3-inch)2+1 (3 ½-inch) 3+1 (2 ¾ and 3-inch)2+1 (3 ½-inch) 3+1 (2 ¾ and 3-inch)2+1 (3 ½-inch) 3+1 (2 ¾ and 3-inch)2+1 (3 ½-inch)
BBL Length 28 inches 28 inches 26 inches 26 inches
Choke Tubes 5 Pro Bore Flush 4 Extended Pro Bore 5 Pro Bore Flush 4 Extended Pro Bore
Barrel Type 4140 Hammer-Forged SteelTriNyte Coating

Nickel-Plated Bore

4140 Hammer-Forged SteelNickel-Plated Bore 4140 Hammer-Forged SteelTriNyte Coating

Nickel-Plated Bore

4140 Hammer-Forged SteelNickel-Plated Bore
Sights HiViz Interchangeable HiViz Interchangeable HiViz Interchangeable HiViz Interchangeable
Receiver Finish Black Oxide Mossy Oak Duck Blind Black Oxide Realtree AP
Overall Length 49 15/16 Inches 49 15/16 Inches 47 15/16 Inches 47 15/16 Inches
Length of Pull 14 ¼ inches (Adjustable) 14 ¼ inches (Adjustable) 14 ¼ inches (Adjustable) 14 ¼ inches (Adjustable)
Stock Material Grey Overmolded Stock Grey Soft Touch Fore-end Black Overmolded Stock Black Soft Touch Fore-end Grey Overmolded Stock Grey Soft Touch Fore-end Black Overmolded Stock Black Soft Touch Fore-end
Stock Finish Black Synthetic Mossy Oak Duck Blind Black Synthetic Realtree AP
Avg. Weight 7.7 lbs 7.7 lbs 7.5 lbs 7.5 lbs
MSRP $1399 $1599 $1399 $1599
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I shoot a 105cti II for skeet. When I first got it, it had extraction problems. A trip back to Remington fixed that. I fire about 5-600 rounds a month and have had zero, repeat zero problems with it for the last four years!

My Browning 425 has become my back up gun. The 105 shoots straight, soft and flawlessly!

clark swain

i had a barrel replaced after one outing using blackcloud ammo 3 inch steel remington had my versamax back in 8 days this was 4 days of shooting 4 boxes of shells i was told over phone that blackcloud was to hot what do you all think about that

Mike Lloyd

Although I live in the UK I, like many sporting and trap shooters were bought up on the Remington 1100. My first gun a 26 inch skeet model had about 200,000 shells through it without problem. You can't do better than that. Although there are still a few 1100's shot at my local club a lot of folks have gone for Berretta and Benelli mainly, but none of them handle like my Remmie. In my case I bought an 1100 G3 about 3 years ago which was hopelessly unreliable. In August last year the main UK Remington agent exchanged it… Read more »

robert krawiec

my old 1187 3 1/2 inch still works and until Remington gets new products straightened out and the customer service department gets better, I'll just keep using the old beast. Have heard complaints from friends and relatives on The AR platform , then dealers say the Q.C. isnt there anymore, then they discontinue the ADL and BDL, things are not looking good for big green.



541 Man

I own more Remington firearms than I can quickly count, including two 1100's (12 & 20) and an early 1187. Both the 1100's had to at no charge and have been reliable for over 30 yrs. The 1187 has been perfect. What was odd about the 12 ga. 1100 was that they sent a letter saying that rust on the magazine tube was the cause, yet the gun came back with totally new wood, stock and forearm, and much better wood at that. Love 700's and 541 22's. (have three) and have shot over 1600 head of small game, mostly… Read more »

Barta Nugent

I love new guns!

Berk Cone

A 20 gauge version of the versamax is required because the 12 is too heavy. Three shot capability is all anyone needs.


thats with any gun though! u gotta wait atleast a couple years before you buy a gun thats worth a ****! thats commen sense


It says right in the article: "Sweepstakes entries must be submitted at"


Well i had 2 105ct and 1 105 cti2 and all three have send back to remington for repairs and i will not buy any remington auto unti it been out for 4 or 5 years to see if there any issues with the new one, i'll go back to my 1100 that i know works!!


I have the Remington 105 CTI 2 and I could have not bought a better Auto. It is flawless and never jams. I shoot about 2000 rounds between cleanings. Remington might have introduced the 105 CTI before it was ready but they finally got it right. I would buy a Versamax based on my experience.


If it is as 'good' as the Remington CT105 II auto-loader I would stay away from it. I had one and had nothing but problems with it. Failure to cycle, failure to extract, jams necessitating a complete tear down of a loaded gun at the range etc. As it was still under warranty I contacted Remington and sent it back to their Canadian agent; Gravel Agency. They confirmed it was defective and promised me a new one from their inventory. 2 days later I got a call that Remington had discontinued the model and that they could not locate a… Read more »