Gun Voters Listen Up

Gun Voters Listen Up
By Jack Lee
President Pennsylvania Rifle & Pistol Association

Pennsylvania Rifle and Pistol Association
Pennsylvania Rifle and Pistol Association

Butler, PA –-( The coming election will be the most important election of my time and could be the most important election American history.

This past April saw the passage of Obamacare, the government health care program that placed over 50% of our GDP under government control. In addition, we find over 50% of the voting population does not pay income taxes.

With the entitlements now authorized, the increase in government jobs occurring during a time of high unemployment in the private sector, the increase in taxes that are scheduled to take effect in 2011 and the so called stimulus creating massive government spending.

This November’s election could well determine if this USA will continue as a Representative Republic under our Constitution or fully turn into a Socialist Democracy patterned after the European model. We are now well on the road to becoming that model, considering what has happened to Capitalism in the past 18 months.

But that’s not all that we must face this Fall.

On your computer and bring up 2A Unfriendly Senate Committee to Address Firearms. (Editors Note: this meeting is now on hold)

This is the beginning of the Obama administration setting the stage for a lame duck session to attack gun ownership and the Second Amendment by proposing the largest package of anti-gun legislation ever considered. Warnings have been circulating for the past several months and each time the warnings get more serious about what will be proposed.

Gun owners can sit around and do nothing or we can (NO, We MUST) get out and do something about what is happening. Remember, not only do we have to defeat the present majority in the House and Senate in November, we must also prevent the Administration and Congress from passing any proposed anti-gun legislation during the lame duck session from November to the end of the 2010 Session.


What happens in the next 3 months can spell the difference between the freedoms we have known from the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and some sort of serfdom we could expect under a so-called Socialist Democracy. IT’S UP TO US!

Pennsylvania Rifle and Pistol Association: Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Article I, Section 21, “The right of the citi-zens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.” We uphold, promote and support the right to keep and bear arms. Visit:
Jack Lee

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james a cash

to the rational thinker that left the first comment us nut jobs will use our assault rifles to protect your dumb ass when the government takes your guns and you cant shoot skeet anymore

USAF Plane Guy

Hey irRational Thinker. Amish people don't see the need to own cars, and if cars were outlawed, there would be no drunk driving and pollution would be dramatically reduced. Should we then ban cars? I've read through the Constitution and see NOTHING that limits the right to keep and bear arms to hunting and skeet. However, it does call out defensive purposes. Now before you begin another round of ignorant, self-centered, elitist drivel and say that the militia means the military, take a look at Webster's Dictionary and read the definition of Militia: "The whole body of able-bodied male citizens… Read more »

Bubba Jensen

Hey rational thinker what happens when the socialists say we don't need hunting cause that's why we have supermarkets. And, we don't need skeet shooting cause we have other forms of entertainment that don't involve dangerous implements that could fall into the "wrong hands". Will you turn in YOUR guns to preserve your status as a law abiding American or will you join the ranks of the criminals?… you know those people who shouldn't be able to get their hands on weapons. Remember public safety and a better America are at stake. I hope you make the right choice.


Why would you NOT need an assault rifle? "Assault Rifle" is a definition that has been applied to all kinds of firearms by legislators. What you need to keep in mind is that laws against TYPES of firearms are [usually, no absolutes] enacted by one of two types of legislators: Those intent on eventually denying all private ownership of firearms and those ignorant of firearms. The first group is typified by HCI which is on record as desiring first the elimination of handguns, then all privately held firearms. Such groups often play upon the ignorance of other legistlators. Reviewing the… Read more »

Rational Thinker

I didn't insult blacks, I insulted gun nuts and racist for being gullible. I never said that the gun lobby wanted criminals to have guns, only implied that they don't care if they have access to them. I could see how your biased view would need to re-frame the argument. Extremism is big these days. I'd like hear how they would take away the 300 million guns that already exist in this country. There hasn't been one bill that has lowered the number of guns. Every time they propose a gun control bill, the gun industry sells more then are… Read more »

Carl Karl

LMFAO @ Rational Thinker; You deceptive liberal bigot, in one paragraph you insulted blacks, disparaged the constitution, showed your ignorance about gun rights with "they wont get my guns" and ban those "assault rifles" & "the gun lobby wants criminals to have guns". How ignorant are you?

If this is a "better america" I don't want any part if it.

You are exactly what is wrong with Americans these days.

Rational Thinker

Why would you want to vote these guys out of office? You are making record profits from idiots who fear losing their second amendment rights. Surprised you just didn't come out and say "black man wants to take away your guns!" You would make a mint! I use my guns for hunting and skeet. I have no fear that the government will never take away my firearms. I do think they should be taken away from nut jobs who don't care about public safety. Why do you need an assault rifle? Why do you want criminals to get their hands… Read more »