Full Color Camo Wrap Any Gun, Bow or Rifle

Full Color Camo Wrap Any Gun, Bow or Rifle
H2O Printers Announces Aesthetic Firearms Customization.

H2O Printers
H2O Printers

Houston, TX –-(Ammoland.com)- H2O Printers, the nation’s premier custom hydrographics shop, is pleased to announce its foray into firearms.

For those wanting extra camouflage when hunting but don’t want to buy a new gun, or for those who just want to stand out at the range, H2O Printers now provides custom graphics for your guns.

H2O Printers offers a complex film water transfer process that can be applied to most existing surfaces of a firearm, producing a durable, long-lasting customized pattern. While the Reaper (see attached photo) hydrographics patterns are the most popular, there are several other patterns with custom colors from which to choose, including carbon fiber, brushed aluminum, flames, skulls and much more. Click here to see the multitude of hydrographics projects H2O Printers has already completed: www.H2OPrinters.com.

“Hydrographics design and installation has been an instant success for us,” said Nick Field, Spokesman for H2O Printers. “The possibilities are endless for design customization. We’ve done all sorts of gun customization including rifles, shotguns, hand guns and more. This is definitely the start of something big when it comes to firearms personalization.”

Hydrographics transfer is a complex process that requires a professional transfer station, tank, hardware, paint booth and products. A quick and simple explanation for those interested: First, a graphics film is laid in a giant specialized tank where it floats in a solution. Then, after being thoroughly prepped and sprayed with an adhesive agent, firearms are laid onto the film and the solution is meticulously applied. Once the film is custom cut and formed to the gun, it is sprayed with a resilient heavy-duty clear coat in a paint booth, ensuring longevity of the hydrographics pattern. The final result is a striking customized pattern that enhances the design of the firearm at a fraction of the cost of a new weapon.

Prices for H2O Printers hydrographics vary depending on the scope of the project. Please visit www.H2OPrinters.com for more information.

Camo Guns
Full Color Camo Wrap Any Gun, Bow or Rifle

About H2O Printers:
Are you looking to enhance the appearance of your firearms? Hydro-Dipping is the answer! You can turn your items into an amazing work of art! H2O Printers specializes in Hydrographic Water Transfer Printing and Dipping, utilizing some of the most advanced technologies in the industry. Dozens of patterns to choose from in just about every color! H2O Printers can even take your own custom designs and turn them into amazing pieces of work! H2O Printers can transform almost any surface – glass, woods, metals, even plastics! Hydro-Dipping is lightweight, affordable, and you won’t believe the results.

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I’m want to see how it would cost to do a 308 riffle with the camo wrap