Constitutional Carry for Wisconsin Needs Your Support

Constitutional Carry for Wisconsin Needs Your Support

Wisconsin Carry
Wisconsin Carry

Wisconsin –-( Wisconsin Carry, Inc. along with The United States Concealed Carry Association is please to announce the release of Wisconsin’s first Constitutional Carry promotion commercial.

In a joint effort between the United States Conceal Carry Association. and Wisconsin Carry, Inc. this commercial has been developed to bring “constitutional carry” to Wisconsin in the next legislative session.

Wisconsin WILL pass concealed carry legislation soon. Its up to you to decide if legislators should tack on government registration and expensive permit taxes to that law or not.

This commercial will be running on the RADIO in the Milwaukee market TODAY during Mark Behling and Vicki McKenna’s shows.

Please share this video with all of your freedom minded friends in Wisconsin and across the USA..

The video will direct you to which redirects you to

On the site you can also find the commercial along with an action plan for constitutional carry in Wisconsin. (make sure to scroll down the entire page)ALSO, please sign the constitutional carry petition on that page!

There is also an option to donate from that page. (click donation tab) ALL donations will go to the constitutional carry effort in Wisconsin INCLUDING expanding the radio campaign to other markets in Wisconsin.

A small donation today to promote constitutional carry in Wisconsin can save you HUNDREDS down the road in permit taxes, expensive mandated government training and permit renewal taxes. With your help, we will let our legislators know that LAW-ABIDING Wisconsinites shouldn’t have to register with the government and pay hundreds of dollars in taxes and government training mandates in order to discreetly carry a handgun for self-defense.

Carry On,

Nik Clark Chairman – Wisconsin Carry, Inc.
P.O. Box 270403
Milwaukee, WI 53227
[email protected]

Wisconsin Carry, Inc is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and reclamation of the basic rights critical to a free society. We believe that “Open-Carry” and “Conceal Carry” are choices to be made by law-abiding citizens based on what suits their needs best. Our mission is to preserve, advance and expand these basic rights which law-abiding citizens are entitled to have a practical ability to exercise. Visit:

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Todd, I am fully familiar with how reciprocity. However Michigan (and at least one other state if I recall correctly) requires taht your permit be issued by your home state. I live in Wisconsin. If I were to get, say, a Minnesota permit, it would not be valid in Michigan because I don't live in Minnesota. This is why I think a voluntary permit system would be a good idea.


Noxy certain states have partnerships with a large amount with of the other concealed carry states which allows the permits to be persay multi juristictional. Basically you apply by mail and can send proof of who you are for background check,in return get a permit that may allow you to travel between many states. the permit fees are in some cases a bit expensive but they are good for several years. California or florida may be one of them i cant remember. however at this particular time Wisconsin does NOT recognize those permirs from any other states. There needs to… Read more »


I'm excited to see progress on the issue of concealed carry in Wisconsin! However, I think there should at least be the option to obtain a permit or something. If we get concealed carry without permits, that's fantastic for Wisconsin but not so much for me when I travel to Detroit. Michigan requires your concealed carry permit to be issued in your home state. So if I live in Wisconsin where they don't issue permits, but I get a permit from say, Minnesota, I still can't carry in Michigan. I realize this is Michigan's problem and isn't Wisconsin's problem, but… Read more »


Its a MUST for gun laws to be further be strengthened to keep those that abuse them in prison. However Gun laws should be strenthened as well as additional created to allow law abiding citizens to carry openly and/or concealed. Its is outright wrong to tax our constitutional right to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Citizens with the ability to protect themselves will actually help offset the budgetary reduction of our police forces and growing populations. We the people need the ability to protect ourselves because it is a obvious FACT that law enforcement can NOT and will NOT… Read more »