Wyoming Constitutional Carry Moves Forward But Faces Poisonous Threats From Anti Gunners

Wyoming Constitutional Carry Moves Forward But Faces Poisonous Threats From Anti Gunners

Wyoming Gun Owners
Wyoming Gun Owners

Wyoming –-(Ammoland.com)- The good news is that Constitutional Carry passed its first hurdle on the Senate floor today, and our vote on passage could come as soon as tomorrow.

The bad news is that anti-gunners are making a last-ditch effort to mutilate the bill into a business as usual government permit system.

The Jaggi-Jennings Constitutional Carry bill, SF-47, is going to be voted on soon, but some Senators are now attempting to tack on amendments to the bill strip away real Constitutional Carry.

One of the worst amendments would require all law-abiding citizens who wish to carry a firearm to also pay for and enroll in a government sanctioned training program, then carry a government approved card showing completion of the program.

Let’s see… Fees? Yep. Forms and paperwork? Yep. Government sanctioned cards that must be carried with you? Yep, again.

If that sounds just like another government permit system, that’s because it is!

This is just one example of the amendments being lined up to destroy the bill. In politics, we call those “poison pill” amendments. This is a textbook example of political insiders trying to destroy Constitutional Carry in Wyoming.

We can’t let that happen, and that is why it is so vital that you call the Capitol until your message gets through.

You can reach the Capitol by calling (307) 777 – 7881. Ask to speak to your Senator if he’s available, and if he’s not, then leave a message.

Tell your Senator that it is vital that he support the passage of SF-47 without amendments. If you’re not sure who your Senator is, you can click on this map to find out.

Remember, the final vote will most likely happen tomorrow so it is critical that you call until you get through.
Thank you for the work you’ve done this week to get Constitutional Carry passed.

I know I can count on you to call your Senator and let him know how important this bill is to you. Please also consider making a contribution to support the work that you and other freedom supporters across Wyoming have done by clicking here.


Anthony Bouchard
Executive Director
WyGO – Wyoming Gun Owners

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