Beating Victim Pleads for Passage of Right to Carry Law

Beating Victim Pleads for Passage of Right to Carry Law

Illinois –-( Mary Shepard was severely injured when a vicious felon out on parole attacked her and a co-worker in a church in the middle of the afternoon on Sept. 28, 2009.

Ms. Shepard, 71, and her co-worker, an 84 year old woman, were assaulted, beaten, and kicked by their attacker who was 6 ft. 3 and 245 lbs.. After beating the two women, he stomped them in the head, neck, and face then left them for dead in the church.

Mary maintains that awful crime did not have to happen because long before the attack she had successfully completed five different firearm training courses including Personal Protection Outside the Home. She had also qualified for and had been issued two separate licenses to carry a firearm which are honored in over 30 states. However, Mary was not carrying the day of the attack because in Illinois carrying a loaded firearm in public by a citizen is considered a felony.

Watch Mary’s video recorded testimony above.

Mary was not released by her physicians to travel to the Capitol to testify in committee in support of HB148, a right to carry bill sponsored by Rep. Brandon Phelps, so her testimony was presented by her friend Valinda Rowe, spokesperson for

The committee voted 12-2 to pass the bill out of committee. Reps. Mary Flowers, D-Chicago, and Kelly Burke, D-Evergreen Park, were the two dissenting votes. The bill now proceeds to second and third reading, at which time a vote can be called.

Help get Mary's message to all 118 representatives and 59 state senators by forwarding the link to her testimony to your legislators!

Then call to ask if they have viewed her message – keep calling until they confirm they have!

Demand they support your right to self defense

by supporting HB148 with their yes vote!

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