Last Chance for Gun Range Protection Bill

Last Chance for Gun Range Protection Bill – Two Weeks Left in Texas Legislative Session
SB 766 by Sen. Estes/Rep. Isaac has been in House Calendars Committee since April 21.

Texas State Rifle Association
Texas State Rifle Association

Houston, Tx –-( SB 766 will help to protect safe sport shooting ranges from nuisance lawsuits. There is no opposition to this bill; not from the counties, from cities, or even the Texas Trial Lawyers Association.

As Texas grows, Texans are losing access to close sport shooting ranges and losing the opportunity to hone safety skills and enjoy the recreation of sport shooting.

It’s not too late to move this Senate bill out of Calendars and get it to the Governor’s desk this session but it needs to happen immediately!

Please contact the members of House Calendar’s committee one more time and urge them to set SB 766 on the House Calendar quickly. Remind them there is no opposition to SB 766. We’ve been told the bill is in Good Shape!

Help protect Safe Sport Shooting Ranges. Set SB 766 by Rep. Jason Isaac on the House Calendar immediately! The clock is running out!

Contact Info for House Calendars Committee Members

Please Contact Speaker Straus and the House Calendars Committee Members below! Two weeks until the end of Session until 2013.


House Speaker Joe Straus
To send an email to the Speaker,click on link Speaker’s Email

Todd Hunter, Chairman
[email protected]

Dennis Bonnen, Vice-Chairman
[email protected]

Dan Branch
[email protected]

Byron Cook
[email protected]

Charlie Geren
[email protected]

Jim Keffer
[email protected]

Tracy King
[email protected]

Lois Kolkhorst
[email protected]

Eddie Lucio III
[email protected]

Allan Ritter
[email protected]

Burt Solomons
[email protected]

Vicki Truitt
[email protected]

John Zerwas
[email protected]

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