Texas State Rifle Association and Victory in Austin

Texas State Rifle Association
Texas State Rifle Association

Houston, Tx –-(Ammoland.com)- As the Texas Legislature adjourns their 84th session, the Texas State Rifle Association, the NRA state affiliate, is proud to have supported numerous successful bills on behalf of its more than 40,000 members across the state.

Despite the best efforts of gun control groups funded by New York City billionaire Michael Bloomberg, Texas gun owners enjoyed important victories this legislative year.

Our accomplishments this session include:

  • Passage of HB 910, open carry legislation by State Rep. Larry Phillips and State Sen. Craig Estes, which removes the requirement that Concealed Handgun Licensees keep their firearms concealed and allows them to carry in a belt or shoulder holster. This brings the total number of states recognizing this right to 44.
  • A significant step forward was taken for Concealed Handgun Licensees who wish to protect themselves on the campuses of public colleges and universities. With the approval of SB 11 by State Sen. Brian Birdwell and State Rep. Allen Fletcher. Texas colleges and universities will no longer be able to enforce a blanket prohibition against that right on their campuses.
  • SJR 22 by State Sen. Brandon Creighton and State Rep. Trent Ashby will place a constitutional amendment on the November 2015 ballot asking voters to affirm the individual Right to Hunt and Fish in the Lone Star State.
  • SB 273 by State Sen. Donna Campbell and State Rep. Ryan Guillen imposes civil fines on state agencies, cities or counties and other governmental entities which improperly post 30.06 signs prohibiting CHLs from public property that is not otherwise off-limits to them in the Penal Code.
  • SB 473 by State Sen. Charles Perry and State Rep. John Frullo revised Penal Code 46.05, clarifying the legality of properly registered Class 3 devices.

The Bloomberg funded gun control group Everytown, along with local affiliate Moms Demand Gun Sense, spent significant resources in direct opposition to most of these proposals through public rallies, lobbying, and media buys.

Texans rejected their efforts and instead expanded their Second Amendment freedoms.

TSRA members appreciate the hard work of our bill sponsors, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, House leadership, and our legislative supporters for helping achieve these important accomplishments for gun owners in the 2015 session.

Thank you’s also go to TSRA members who sent email and made calls when asked. The power and the influence is yours.

And as always,
Keep the faith.

Alice Tripp
Legislative Director
Texas State Rifle Association
the NRA state affiliate

About:The Mission of the Texas State Rifle Association is to protect and defend the inalienable rights of the individual Texan to acquire, possess, transport, carry, transfer ownership and enjoy the right to lawful use of firearms for self preservation, for the defense of family and property and the common defense of the Republic and the individual liberties of the people. Visit: www.TSRA.com

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Robert R. McBride

TSRA claiming victory, that is a freaking hoot. Texans know who moved the chains for this first down, victory is when we get constitutional carry. TSRA will never fight for victory because it will cut into their profit margin.

HW Gruene

It’s no victory to give up a right for a permit. Permits can be revoked on a whim. It is already against the law to shoot people unless it is you or them and you will be charged if it wasn’t justified, permitted or not. Same goes for brandishing a weapon. I lived in an open carry or concealed no permit required state (Alaska) and it had one of the lowest gun crime rates in the nation. I carried everywhere with a shoulder holster for my .45 1911. On occasion you would see a man or woman with a .44… Read more »


Although these are victories, the truth is these laws don’t go into effect until 2016 for Open carry, SB 11 for State Universities doesn’t go into effect until 2016 and for the Junior Colleges it is 2017. So yeah, the bills were passed, but the haters in Austin delayed implementation, IMHO, just to be a$$holes. While I love my state, I don’t have the same love for the Liberal scum in Austin, be they politicians or “regular” citizens. They and their ilk are ruining our great state just as they are ruining our great nation.


The TSRA was very involved with the passage of this legislation,…..not the NRA !