Down-N-Dirty Introduces Four New Duck Calls

Down-N-Dirty Introduces Four New Duck Calls

Down-N-Dirty Duck Calls
Down-N-Dirty Duck Calls
Down-N-Dirty Outdoors
Down-N-Dirty Outdoors

LEWISBURG, Ky –-( Whether you consider it an art or a science, the folks at Down-N-Dirty Outdoors have completely mastered duck calling, and now they have introduced a complete line of four signature duck calls.

Designed and crafted by avid hunters and master callers, the new DND duck calls provide the full range of natural sounds from seductive feed calls and quacks to the all-important, attention-grabbing hail and comeback calls. Each with its own distinct range of sounds, the Havoc, Chaos, Hitman 2, and Vicious have all been proven in the field with years of testing.

Each call is a two-piece unit constructed of solid acrylic material that’s precision formed on a CNC machine and then final polished to a high luster. The reeds are individually cut by hand and each call is individually tuned to perfection. A laser-engraved DND Duck Landing logo and moniker finish off each call.

The Havoc is a single-reed call that was designed after years of listening to birds and hunting public land, where they can become exceptionally educated. Because ducks make many sounds that most hunters have heard but are often unable to mimic, such as squealing sounds and bouncing hen sounds, the Havoc was designed very purposefully to create those sounds.

The small bore size on this call creates more back pressure than most calls, allowing the user to get the nasty, squealy, ducky sounds you need for tough, over-pressured birds. It’s not a screamer, rather it’s ideal for days with little wind, thick cover area and areas with tough competition; it’s a call that will give you just enough “duck” to get the job done. This small, compact call is a deadly addition to any duck hunters arsenal.

The Chaos is another single-reed call in the line-up. The big brother to the Havoc, the Chaos call is also for close-in working, but is designed with a more aggressive bore. The designers at DND opened the bore up to give the hunter enough range to hit medium range hail calls down to some of the nastiest duck talk ever put into a call. The Chaos will put ducks in the spread instead of just turning a head. Easy to run, the Chaos takes very little air to operate, which is the kind of call you want when the ducks are flying close, and the guns are blazing.

The Down-N-Dirty call line wouldn’t be complete without a solid-sounding, easy-to-operate double-reed call. The Hitman2 offers plenty of volume for high flyers, as well as a low-end that will entice even the most reluctant birds. This double-reed call was developed specifically for its ease of use. From novice to expert, this is one call that should be on every duck hunter’s lanyard.

Rounding out the lineup of new DND duck calls is the single-reed Vicious. This call was crafted to do two things: kill ducks on windy days and win contests. It accomplishes both with the greatest of ease. Designed off the Havoc tone-board, the Vicious sound barrel was stretched a little more to produce more volume, and the bore was opened as wide as possible, while requiring minimal air pressure to produce the illustrious 40-note hail calls with no problem. Using a hunting-call-based tone-board allowed the designers at DND to achieve the high-end hail calls and then come down to unbelievable nasty duck talk with the Vicious. For pure power and medium duck range, the Vicious is in a league of its own.

With these four new calls from DND, duck hunters clearly have the advantage this season. Be sure to check these calls out at your local retailer or online at, where you can view tutorials on how the products can best benefit your hunt. The entire line of duck calls will be available in September with retail prices of $112.99, each. Specially selected translucent colors will also be available.

For more information on Down-N-Dirty Outdoors, and to get demonstrations on the entire line of calls go to Be sure to visit the Down-N-Dirty Outdoors fan page on Facebook at

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