Rioting in London is the USA Prepared

Rioting in London is the USA Prepared

Hawaii Concealed Carry
Hawaii Concealed Carry

Hawaii ––( the past couple of days people have watched as London has been ripped apart by rioters.

While we are used to seeing so called ‘third-world’ countries riot (i.e., Egypt), we are not used to seeing large scale riots in more developed areas.

It’s important that we explain to the non-believers riots still happen, and have happened many times.

In past few years the largest outbreaks have been in response to police shootings of minorities. Well, as things get worse in our economy, our unemployment, and with a loans and interests rates, riots not related to police shootings are even more likely to occur. In fact, earlier in 2011, there was speculation that the United States might riot over food. People will only go hungry for so long (great reason to store some food!).

I wanted [you to watch the video above] to lead into this and allow you to see some of the destruction. Do you think that the events here are NOT able to happen in the U.S., or even Honolulu?

If so — what makes us so different. The background of this riot sounds strikingly similar to the culture and setup of our own society.

What could have stopped some of this? I will get into that in the next post.

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Christopher Baker, is the owner and operator of He is a Criminal Justice Student and University of Maryland University College; also he is a Life member of the Second Amendment Foundation, a Life member with the National Rifle Association, and a member of the Hawaii Rifle Association. Any questions please feel free to contact him at [email protected] .

About Hawaii Concealed Carry:
Hawaii Concealed Carry is a single-issue group formed with the mission to promote the restoration of Second Amendment rights contained within the constitution, the right of the people to keep and bear arms. We are a non-partisan group; our only care being, whether people support the right of self-defense and defense of others. Our philosophy is that through responsible use, education, communication, and understanding we can promote a safer environment for Hawaii residents, while reducing crime, and supporting our fundamental constitutional rights. Visit:

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This footage belongs to Jellyfielders, please credit it as such.


Bravo all rioters,

God bless you all .


Looting and large bands of looters were not solely confined to just New Orleans after Katrina,the news media only zeroed in on N.O.,the damage was horrific Biloxi Ms,Ocean Springs most of the Ms. coast was almost wiped away to as far as Mobile,Al. even Mobile was the downtown part 10 ft underwater but had good drainage and it went down pretty fast,Thing is there was bands of looters everywhere,not just N.O..There were trucks full of looters coming thru,gangs from N.O. coming thru robbong and looting.There would have been alot more for the news media to report except for one thing,alot… Read more »


Its only a matter of time before we see it starting up here. So far we only seen these so called flash riots in WI which the news is saying are racially motivated. Fortunately those are only happening in states with draconian gun laws that prevent the peasants in the U S from being able to protect themselves. It has yet to have happened in a states where the citizens can freely carry what they wish, how the wish without a permit or states that have shall issue permit laws. Unlike London we have the means to protect our selves… Read more »

Mike the Limey

Most of the rioting here was confined to a few places in a few big cities – about on par with the LA riots & the post Katrina looting in New Orleans.

I'm sure our mess would have ended sooner & with far less damage had citizens & business owners had the most efficient means to defend themselves – firearms.

Note well the quality of "security" we in the UK gained in exchange for a big piece of our freedom……

Juan A Be The Luchad

We aren't prepared, because most people don't really think it could happen here.

Here is what I wrote about this yesterday