Get The Best From Your Rifle With SISK Select Ammunition

Get The Best From Your Rifle With SISK Select Ammunition

SISK Select Ammunition
SISK Select Ammunition
SISK Rifles
SISK Rifles

Dayton, Texas –
-( Factory ammo is fine for hunters and shooters who are satisfied with good enough, but for those who demand only the very best from their rifles, there is another option.

Sisk Select Ammunition offers custom reloading and load development, giving serious shooters pinpoint accuracy and consistent shot-to-shot performance.

For years, renowned custom rifle maker Charlie Sisk has provided load development and handloads to clients of his custom-rifle business. Now, hunters and shooters interested in achieving maximum accuracy and performance from their custom or factory-grade rifles can tap into Sisk’s knowledge and experience with Sisk Select Ammunition.

“Rifles are lot like people,” said Sisk. “Every one is unique. The first step in developing the right load for any gun is getting to know the person pulling the trigger and just like in my rifle business, I expect to build lasting relationships with Sisk Select Ammunition customers.”

Charlie Sisk’s fully equipped, professional-grade reloading bench and years of experience in the rifle-making business ensure customers get the highest level of service and best possible accuracy from their rifles. By personally overseeing the entire process, Sisk can guarantee consistent, precise performance customers can count on.

Sisk Select Ammunition offers two levels of service:

  • Custom Reloading – Precision, professional-grade handloading. Great for hunters and shooters who already know what load their rifles like, but can’t find the time to sit down at the bench. Sisk Select Ammunition features the highest quality brass and a choice of bullets from top-name manufacturers including Sierra, Hornady, Berger, Nosler and Barnes.
  • Custom Load Development – After a personal consultation, Charlie Sisk will inspect and shoot the customer’s rifle to determine what bullet and load delivers the best accuracy and performance. The service also includes trigger adjustment, scope ring service and bedding inspection to ensure customers get the maximum level of performance from their rifle. Includes a 20-round box of custom-loaded ammunition and sample target.

For more information about Sisk Select Ammunition, visit or call 936-258-4984.

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