Full-Power Chiappa .45-70 Carbines

Full-Power Chiappa .45-70 Carbines
New Traditional and Modern.

Chiappa 1886 Traditional Trapper Rifle
Chiappa 1886 Traditional Trapper Rifle
Chiappa Firearms
Chiappa Firearms

Dayton, OH –-(Ammoland.com)- MKS Distributing, Dayton OH, September, 2011- Chiappa Firearms debuts two new .45-70 lever action carbines for 2011.

These new carbines can safely fire full-power modern era ammunition or traditional era correct .45-70 loads.

The first is the Chiappa 1886 Traditional Trapper. The Chiappa Traditional Trapper’s action is modeled after the original Winchester 1886 but with today’s modern manufacturing and materials the result is a traditional looking 1886 with superior accuracy and strength.

Chiappa’s Traditional Trapper features a traditional walnut stock, 181/2-inch full octagonal 4140 alloy blued steel barrel. To compliment the barrel the receiver, lever and crescent butt plate have a beautiful case colored finish. Magazine capacity is 6-rounds. MSRP $1,249.00

The 1886 Kodiak Trapper is Chiappa’s second new .45-70 model and again uses the time-proven 1886 action. This is the same basic rifle as the Traditional Trapper but with 21st Century ergonomic and design elements. The barrel is half-round and the half forward of the forearm tip is octagonal. The barrel, action, hammer and lever are finished in weather resistant tough brushed electroless nickel.

The walnut stock is encased with a super tough armor like rubberized finish. This finish provides serious knock around protection for the stock and delivers a superior no slip positive purchase for the shooter in most any weather conditions; especially handy if charged by an aggravated bear, moose, or hog.

Chiappa’sKodiak Trapper also features detachable sling swivels, a more inline stock with higher comb, slightly raised corporal point (bottom of butt) and flat rubber butt pad are all designed for reduced felt recoil and quick to shoulder movement. The Kodiak Trapper also comes with Skinner Express Sights for extra fast sight/target acquisition and the barrel is drilled and tapped for a forward fitting Scout Rifle scope. MSRP $1,395.00

Basic Specifications of both carbines:

  • Caliber:.45-70 (modern era or traditional rounds)
  • Magazine Capacity: 6-rounds
  • Barrel: Traditional Trapper 181/2-inch octagonal blued
  • Kodiak Trapper 181/2-inch half round
  • half-octagonal electroless nickel.
  • Overall length: 37-inches
  • Weight: 81/2 pounds

NOTE:When you step the large diameter .45-70 bullet up to 2,000+ fps and 3,000 foot pounds of energy with much flatter shooting modern era Hornady LEVEReviution Spitzer bullets you have a serious heavy-hitting dangerous game firearm. In fact many shooters class it as a reduced .458 Winchester Magnum.

Chiappa 1886 Kodiak Trapper .45-70 Rifle
Chiappa 1886 Kodiak Trapper .45-70 Rifle

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Ted Walker
Ted Walker
6 years ago

This Kodiak Trapper is absolutely gorgeous!! What a great timber elk rifle or bear rifle! I am saving up now for one of these babies!