Fast and Spurious – Now Its the Ammo

Fast and Spurious – Now Its the Ammo

7.62x39 Ammunition
7.62x39 Ammunition

PHOENIX, AZ –-( Ten of Arizona’s fifteen sheriffs have publicly demanded an investigation of BATFE over its gun-smuggling enterprise for the Mexican drug cartels.

Badly stung by congressional hearings and whistleblowers within BATFE, the rogue agency responded by promoting the main culprits and moving them to other offices.

Simply follow “Fast and Furious” and scroll through tons of sordid details.

Attempting again to deflect criticism and forestall upcoming criminal charges, the extremely controversial agency has developed information to promote a story, running nationwide today, that the real problem is all the ammunition being smuggled into Mexico.

The basically single-sourced story (“officials” and anti-rights advocates) decries the tons of ammo flowing into Mexico, claiming it comes almost exclusively from the U.S. It fails to point out that BATFE, Homeland Security and the Border Patrol have essentially no control over the border, allowing such supposed massive smuggling to take place in the first place.

Numbers for captured ammo do not estimate the amounts of ammo missed by authorities, or any other sources of supply, like the massive cold-war warehouses throughout central and south America, and direct imports from foreign makers.

Although the story claims, with no significant backup, that the ammo comes almost exclusively from the U.S., it does mention large quantities of AK-47 ammo (presumably 7.62 x 39, though it isn’t specified), “preferred” by the cartels.

This of course basically comes from former communist bloc countries and communist China. A full report will be coming soon in an issue of Page Nine.

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