Find Out What Your New Jersey Second Amendment Society Is Doing – Wed. October 19,2011

Find Out What Your New Jersey Second Amendment Society Is Doing – Wed. October 19,2011
Show your support, voice your concerns and brain storm new ideas.

New Jersey Second Amendment Society
New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey –-( Several people have indicated the desire to play a larger role in the activities of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society.

This months meeting in Belleville, NJ will include an opportunity for those of you who would like to propose your ideas and suggestions to the officers and board of directors to do so.

We are interested in your ideas and can certainly benefit by having members who are willing to take some of the current responsibilities off our shoulders. I do ask however, if you have an idea for a new project, please be ready to accept the responsibility of running it. The current leadership is handling about as much as it can at the moment. What we need are people who have the time, desire and ability to assume existing and additional responsibilities.

Alan Gura & David Jensen
I will also be prepared to discuss my experience of attending the Second Amendment Foundation’s Gun Right Policy Conference which was held in Chicago last month. One of the best parts of the experience was having the opportunity of speaking with both Alan Gura and David Jensen. Both these OUTSTANDING gun-owner-rights attorneys have agreed to appear before our group in the New Year. Announcements will be made as soon as I have finalized the arrangements.

There is much more to come for the NJ2AS in the next few month and years. Your board of directors and officers have been working VERY hard to lay the groundwork for a lasting organization that will have the strength to promote our mission. This can’t happen overnight. It takes an awful lot of thought, work and planning. This is especially true of any all-volunteer grassroots organization. I am proud of our accomplishments and I hope our members and supporters feel the same. There is always the danger that some people will feel impatient about our progress. I can only assure you that we always carefully weight the projects and activities we would like to engage in against the interests of the members as well as with respect to the amount of the time, money and resources needed to make them successful. I believe that our judgement has been sound.

There is one area that most definitely needs improvement, and that is the communication between the board, officers and the members. Perhaps I have devoted too much time to arranging and attending meetings with legislators, politicians, Rifle & Pistol Club members and officers, and other 2A rights advocates and not enough time communicating with you the members about the results.

As the only “retired” person on the board, I spend a great deal of my time seeking out interesting speakers for our monthly meetings, planning, reviewing and meeting about our various legal initiatives, helping to develop legislation that may have the potential to change the way NJ firearms owners are treated in our state, and so on.; however I have not spent enough time keeping our members informed.

Communications Director Wanted
Having said that, I realize that both handling all these responsibilities and sharing information are equally important to the health of the NJ2AS.I will make it a priority to do a better job of communicating with the membership. I will be looking for someone to act as the “Communications Director” for the organization. This job will entail keeping regular contact with the board and officers, and relaying the same in various ways to the membership. As opposed to “PR”, I envision this position as being responsible for all INTERNAL communications between the leadership and the members. Obviously it will require someone with good verbal and writing skills. Some knowledge of posting on blogs, forums and/or websites could be helpful, but is not necessary.

In addition, I plan to submit a weekly “President’s Letter” either in the form of an email or on the NJ2AS website (this is yet to be determined). The contents will be related to whatever progress is being made with regard to the various projects being handled by the board and officers, including myself.

I will do my best to try and keep you informed so that you can all feel as much a part of our Society as I do.

Thank you

Frank Jack Fiamingo
New Jersey Second Amendment Society

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