Wilderness Athlete Unveils The 28 Day Challenge

Wilderness Athlete Unveils The 28 Day Challenge

Wilderness Athlete
Wilderness Athlete

Phoenix, AZ--(Ammoland.com)- Wilderness Athlete is proud to introduce The 28 Day Challenge which is a system designed to help outdoorsmen and anyone interested in shedding a few pounds achieve their weight loss goals.

The kit comes with a wide variety of Wilderness Athlete products that can make eating healthy and losing weight easier for people on the go.

The 28 Day Challenge is designed to help people lose weight quickly and easily in weeks.

Wilderness Athlete 28 Day Challenge System
Wilderness Athlete 28 Day Challenge System

The kit is made up of the following products:

  • 1 tub of Hydrate and Recover
  • 1 tub of Energy and Focus
  • 2 tubs of Meal Replacement and Recovery Shake (any flavor combination)
  • 1 bottle of Lean Life
  • 1 tub of Green Infusion
  • 1 bottle of Multivitamins

These products work together to provide you with more energy, curb your appetite and provide you with the nutrition you need to stay healthy and lose fat while maintaining your muscle unlike many weight loss programs that cause you to loose both fat and muscle.

“The 28 Day Challenge is about providing people with solid nutrition,” said Mark Paulsen, the Founder of Wilderness Athlete and the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the University of New Mexico.

“Exercising is extremely important when you want to lose weight but eating the proper diet is crucial. Our 28 Day Challenge promotes a healthy diet by providing supplements and meal replacement products that offer sound nutrition. Combine these products with exercise and people can quickly lose weight.”

From the Meal Replacement Shakes that taste great, contain the vitamins, minerals and the fiber a person needs to the multi vitamins and the Energy and Focus energy drink, this system contains everything a person needs to start eating right which is the first step in living a healthier lifestyle.

The 28 Day challenge also comes with instructions for use and tips from Coach Paulsen which will make the process of losing weight easy and enjoyable.

For more information about Wilderness Athlete and their extensive line of nutritional products designed for the men and women who enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, visit www.wildernessathlete.com” www.wildernessathlete.com

Join in on this Wilderness Athlete Challenge and Go Long and Go Strong!”