Kenn Blanchard – Poking the Sheeple with Sticks

Kenn Blanchard – Poking the Sheepole with Sticks n Taking it to the Streets

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Kenn Blanchard - Poking the Sheeple with Sticks
Urban Shooter Podcast
Urban Shooter Podcast

Upper Marlboro, MD –-( I am one of America’s eighty-million law-abiding firearm owners.

While it doesn’t matter, I am an American of African descent, and a Christian pastor, that just so happens to be also a gun rights activist.

Advocating for the rights of gun owners was a no-brainer for me, a veteran and former law enforcement officer that has trained others on the safe and responsible use of firearms for a couple of decades. I’ve been the “go-to guy” for many cases and causes. With the help of friends we have effectively countered a few political and legislative attempts to undermine the individual Second Amendment civil right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms in the United States since 1991.

Well, I am back at it again.

In 2011, I got the opportunity to fall in love with the people of Chicago. The people of Illinois don’t have equality when it comes to guns. It is a house divided. It has been deemed normal to be more restrictive where there are more people of color. It has been accepted that the law abiding common folk need career legislators to keep guns from everybody but criminals. It has been popular for certain clergy to advocate the disarmament of everybody in hopes that criminals stop preying on the unarmed.

Starting this Sunday, 11 December 2001, after 8pm, my voice will be heard on a urban radio station, Chicago Power 92 FM, through a series of thirty second spots I have produced advocating a change of heart to the future of Chicago. Many of the younger people don’t know that one of their own, Otis McDonald was a principle in a Supreme Court decision involving their rights. Chicagoans deserve better than they are getting from their elected officials.

This move is forward leaning. This is taking the fight to the enemy. It has a potential for blowback or it could just change the tide. I hope I cause a stir in the city of Chicago. I hope to open the minds of the Hip Hop loving people of Chicago and cause them to seek me out to find out the truth about gun control for themselves.

It’s going to get busy. Time will tell. Pray for your brother!

Kenn Blanchard
Kenn Blanchard of Black Man with a Gun
Kenn Blanchard
The Urban Shooter Podcast “The Pro-Gun Variety Show”
“Holla” 1-888-675-0202

Kenn Blanchard is a contributer to AmmoLand Shooting Sports News and Producer of the Urban Shooter pod cast. In addition Kenn Blanchard is a pro-gun media producer & marketing profesional that helps small businesses by providing information, entertainment , inspiration and support to the sport shooting community through blogs, voice -over, podcasting and professional speaking. Visit:

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Dan Frain

Kenn, I just found out that I can get the station online. Here's a link that other folks can use:… I'm not much on modern urban music as a rule, but I may be able to force myself to listen for a few hours. Maybe I'll record it and go back later to filter out the good stuff (your PSA's) and cut the rest. I wonder how the mayor will feel about the public service value of your work, and I'm sure he will get a report about them since you're going so far off the politically acceptable track.… Read more »


This is the best thing to happen in Chicago regarding the right to carry.

Otis McDonald has dedicated much time the last few years to help arm black people of Chicago & with Ken Blanchard stepping up maybe just maybe this will get the attention of inner city Chicago and benefit all of Illinois. My regards Ken & thank you for your efforts.