Benelli Now Offers the M4 H2O ShotGun Treated with NP3

Benelli M4 H2O ShotGun Treated with NP3
Benelli M4 H2O ShotGun Treated with NP3
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ACCOKEEK, MD –-( Benelli’s M4 Tactical is so rugged and reliable that the U.S. Marines have depended on it for all their shotgun needs since 1999.

The latest version is called the M4 H2O, which includes for the first time ever, a factory-installed telescoping

pistol-grip stock, a full-length magazine tube (7+1 capacity) and NP3 coating—a seriously rugged weather-proofing that will withstand all the elements. The M4 H2O comes standard with a Picatinny rail, pistol-grip stock and a fully adjustable ghost-ring aperture rear sight and windage-adjustable front sight.

NP3 is an electroless nickel-based finish, which gives the metal’s surface an attractive satin gray, non-reflective finish. All active surfaces including the M4 H2O’s entire bolt assembly, trigger group, magazine tube and follower and barrel are evenly plated with a true composite coating of sub-micron particles of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)—also known as Teflon with electroless nickel co-deposited into the nickel matrix.

Every metal part of on the M4 H2O is completely protected from rust and corrosion, even when exposed to marine environments with salt spray, rain, and high humidity. This degree of protection is 10 times greater than standard electroless nickel finishes.

Not only is NP3 extremely corrosion resistant, but it also provides high lubricity and a low friction co-efficient, which greatly increases the life of a firearm. Furthermore, as wear occurs on the surface of the finish, fresh particles of PTFE are exposed to maintain consistent lubricating qualities of the coating.

The M4 H20 will only be available for a limited time, so visit your Benelli dealer soon to see and handle a shotgun that’s truly capable of weathering all conditions.


  • Gauge: 12-Gauge
  • Barrel Length: 18.5”
  • Sights: Ghost-ring
  • Metal Finish: NP3
  • Stock: Telescoping
  • Average Weight: 7.8 lbs.
  • Overall Length: 40”
  • Length of Pull: 14 3/8”
  • Drop at heel: 2.25”
  • Drop at Comb: 1.5”
  • MSRP: $2269

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  • 3 thoughts on “Benelli Now Offers the M4 H2O ShotGun Treated with NP3

    1. Theres a reason they have sold 10,000,000 870’s. Cause they work, always. I’ll keep mine and buy $1800 worth of ammo. Makes you wonder who got the kickback in D.C. to buy $2200.00 shotguns?

    2. From the previous user he states you can buy 5 Remmingtons (which is spelled Remington) for the price of one Benelli. That may be true but how many shotguns can you shoot at once? LOL. Look if you believe in quality and a superior product buy a Benelli. To give you an analogy, if you had your heart set on buying a Corvette would you feel satisfied buying a Malibu just because you could buy more of them? I refuse to sell myself short, and while you go and buy those five less-quality guns you’ll still see me at the shooting range with my one Benelli and take notice, you know with that usual whisper to your friend “that’s a Benelli”. Yes it is and you just have another Mossberg or Remington that every gun safe has. If quality is not an issue to you than by all means buy another mass produced wal-mart product. But if you hold yourself to a high standard and shoot for the best, you will not be satisfied til you have what you want. Save the money and get what you want.

    3. $2269 Talk about overpriced….

      Folks there is nothing magical about issue weapons.. For more than 150 years he process of weapons and equipment selection for military application has become ever increasingly politicized.. The apex (or nadir) in the process being the adoption the Beretta 9mm door stop or the conversion of the most excellent Humvee into “10 Ton Marshmallow Sprung Toad”..

      If you were careful, took your time. You could buy 4-5 used Remmington 870s and fit them out or a sack full of serviceable Mossbergs and distribute them to the troops (family) put them all their vehicles for just one overpriced, over hyped Benellis…

      “but their “lock” time is incredible.” What irrelevant Crap..

      Keep in mind in any real fight any weapon can easily be disabled.. malfunction and your best chances may require just smas
      h/drop it in place and move on.

      weapons are not “Talesmans”

      (Ok Ok the 1911 is but that’s about the only

      “We”l (well at least Me) need to Resist the urge to buy Jewelry for weapons.. Buy weapons, ammo (lots of both) and practice.

      Oh and if all the troops are outfitted, ammo and repair parts on board..

      You could always start buying your commo gear.. (You do have a way to reach Mom and the Kids besides that Opfor Tracking device aka Cell phone right?

      Lots of Lucks.

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