Chiappa’s Announces New Mfour-22 Carbine

Chiappa Mfour-22 Carbine
Chiappa Mfour-22 Carbine

Covington VA –-( Chiappa Firearms of Italy announces Chiappa’s Mfour-22 chambered in .22 LR.

For many the idea of a .22 caliber carbine patterned after the military M4 Carbine version serves several purposes. The Mfour fires economically priced .22 Rimfire ammunition for a ton of some serious practice for its “bigger” 5.56mm /.223 brothers.

These lightweight carbines are great learning guns for most anyone (especially kids) for economical transition to the larger caliber and make practical training firearms for law enforcement, especially in these budget cramped times. On that latter part, but make no mistake, these are not low budget knockoffs. And let’s face it, the darn things are just a bunch of fun!

The Chiappa Mfour is a ultra-quality, accurate, serious rifle. In the car world there are thousands of types and models and they vary in quality and performance of course (price too). If the Chiappa Mfour were a car it would fall into the Ferrari class (hey, it’s Italian to begin with and comes out of one of the most modern, clean and high-tech gun factories in the world).

The Chiappa Mfour comes with a detachable (dual aperture adjustable iron sight) carry handle assembly and picatinny flat top for optics.


  • Caliber: .22 Rimfire
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Overall length: 34.25-inches
  • Barrel Length: 16-inches
  • Materials: Lightweight ultra-tough polymer upper and lower receiver
  • Magazines: Depending on state law, either two 28 round or 10 round magazines
  • Colors: Desert tan or black
  • Suggested Retail: $449.00

See us at the 2012 SHOT Show these may be seen at the Chiappa/MKS booth 16144 Main Hall.

About Chiappa:

Chiappa Firearms is a leading brand of rifles, shotguns and handguns including the Rhino Revolver. More info:

Chiappa Firearms

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carlton ford

Looking for lr 22 holler points

Nate Coffman

im trying hard to get this… cant find it anywhere… anyone know where i can get one?

Nate Coffman

im trying hard to get this… cant find it anywhere… anyone know where i can get one?

john ray

Is the Mfour still avaliable?

Bill Davis

i am looking to purchace a mfour-22 carbine today if possible, pls call me at 405.386-7287

David warren

Im looking to buy the .22cal m4 this my researchiv seen it priced as low 300.00$ and high as 425.00. If i can purchase from you for 300.00 i will.i have illinois foid card. What eles would you need? Thank you for your time..