Virginia Senate Courts to Hear Important Gun Bills

State of Virginia Flag iStock-ronniechua-516983387.jpg
State of Virginia Flag iStock-ronniechua-516983387.jpg

Virginia – -( On Wednesday, January 25th, the Senate Courts of Justice Committee is scheduled to hear a number of firearm related bills.

The meeting will begin 1/2 hour after the adjournment of the Senate Session.

Among the pro-rights bills on the agenda is SB 323, Senator Carrico’s bill to repeal handgun rationing (“one gun-a-month”), two bills to repeal the option for localities to require fingerprinting for concealed handgun permit applications (SB 67 and SB 670), and two bills to enact Castle Doctrine (SB 4, SB 64).
Also on the agenda is anti-rights Senator Don McEachin’s bill to prohibit the private sale of firearms (SB 379).
If McEachin’s bill passes, it would make the private sale of firearms a Class 2 misdemeanor.  Senator McEachin also has SB 648, a bill that would make it a misdemeanor for a person who is under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs to carry a loaded firearm in public. Both bills are a solution in search of a problem and should be defeated.

Please contact members of the Senate Courts of Justice Committee and urge them to support the pro-Second Amendment bills and oppose the anti-rights bills.

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