Canadian Shooting Sports Assn Partners with Canadian Sporting Arms & Ammunition Assn

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Canadian Shooting Sports Assn Partners with Canadian Sporting Arms & Ammunition Assn

Canada –-( The Canadian Shooting Sports Association is proud to announce our new partnership with the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association.

So, CSSA meet the CSAAA.

Don’t let the names and acronyms confuse you. Put simply, the sport shooters and clubs across the country are now officially aligned with the people who provide our tools — firearms, ammo, optical, archery equipment, and related provisions.

For three decades, the CSAAA has provided leadership and a strong voice on behalf of the hunting and shooting industry in Canada.

The members are committed to conservation and the safe, responsible, ethical use of their products and services. The CSAAA has the mandate to help convince Canadians that our activities are legitimate and safe. So, if the CSSA is the voice of the shooter, the CSAAA is the voice of the service provider. Call it a marriage made in heaven — or duck blind or shooting range or country maple grove, if you prefer.

The CSSA and the CSAAA have had many things in common for many years. In particular, both organizations embrace the political agenda driven by the executive director of the Canadian Institute for Legislative Action (CILA). Tony Bernardo has acted on behalf of both groups to pursue fairness in Canada’s firearms laws. It follows that the CSSA and CSAAA would benefit from the combined efficiencies of a closer partnership en route to seeking changes in the Firearms Act going forward.

The CSAAA’s mandate includes reminding Canadians that firearms and archery sport shooting are Olympic endeavours with a rich and dignified history. Families that engage in sport shooting are no different than families who populate hockey arenas and soccer fields. The shooting sports bring families and friends closer together to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

The CSAAA is the only association in Canada that provides shooting sports manufacturers, distributors, and retailers with access to:

  • Information that directly affects the bottom line
  • Leadership to address the industry’s growing challenges
  • Opportunities to network and meet with key industry representatives
  • Data, information, trends, and training opportunities
  • Recognition for industry leaders who demonstrate commitment to the CSAAA mission
  • Promotion of hunting and shooting as a multi-billion dollar industry in Canada

Membership in the CSAAA is limited to bona fide businesses that sell the tools and equipment to sport shooters. Please let your retailers and suppliers know that they need to become a CSAAA member to support the community that support them. They will benefit from the flow of information and networking potential alone. Here we grow again!

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