New Hampshire Gun-Grabbers Trying to Silence You and Me

Take Action New Hampshire
Take Action New Hampshire

Milford, NH –-( You see, at the very end of the New Hampshire session, the Senate Public and Municipal Affairs Committee snuck through an amendment designed to muzzle the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition.

In the guise of campaign finance reform, the Senate Committee has added an amendment to an otherwise innocuous bill that would require grassroots organizations like the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition to report every penny we spend on distributing “information critical of” legislators.

This amendment should be titled the Incumbent Protection Act (IPA).

The amendment is designed to specifically make it hard for grassroots organizations to report on how the NH Senators and Representatives vote in committee and on the floor.

You see, the financial threshold is low enough that virtually any mailing of ours would be above it and would force immediate disclosure. This is how the anti-gun groups want to shut us down.

Sources in Concord are telling me the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition is one of the primary targets of this proposal. I don’t need to tell you that NHFC has been at the forefront of the fight to hold legislators accountable for their anti-gun votes.

With the NH Senate killing almost every single pro-gun bill that has come before it so far this year, many Senators have begun to feel the pain from your repeated phone calls, postcards, petitions, and emails.

They know these draconian reporting requirements will make it much more difficult for NHFC to continue to inform you when legislators assault your rights.

You see, in the heat of a legislative session, NHFC often has barely enough time to get you information critical to holding gun-grabbing politicians accountable before the time for action has passed.

If NHFC has to stop to record exactly how much we spend being critical of legislators, by and large the majority of our expenditures, the Senate knows there will be times we cannot act fast enough to stop their anti-gun schemes.

It will not be enough to sort it out after the fact, because the sneak amendment requires a report within 24 hours of crossing an arbitrary $500 threshold.

What is more, the amendment says we have to report within 24 hours of when the money is spent, but it leaves unclear whether that means the day we send the email or letter, the day the invoice comes in, or the day we write the check to pay the bill.

We are already required, as a 501(c)4, to report our receipts and expenditures to the IRS.

The only purpose of this amendment is to make it harder for grassroots organizations to stay involved in the political fight.

Even worse, if NHFC is forced to disclose exactly how much we spend exposing each legislator’s record, legislators are going to be more inclined to disregard your phone calls, email, letters, and postcards when they think NHFC hasn’t spent enough to warrant their attention.

You have proven to the Legislature over the past few years that gun-owners are not going take assaults on your gun-rights lying down so they are now trying to yank the rug out from under our First Amendment Rights, to make it much more difficult to defend our Second Amendment Rights.

You know I try to keep the focus on guns when I contact you, but this amendment is a serious threat to our ability to fight for your rights.

It has been said that the right to keep and bear arms is the right that guards the rest, and that is true.

But for firearms owners around the country, the ability to publicly criticize gun-grabbing politicians for undermining your rights is key to stopping their schemes.

You may wonder what senator would be so bold as to attempt such a blatant restriction on the right to freely criticize those in authority, the principle at the very heart of the First Amendment.

NH Anti-Gun Senator Sharon Carson Pic: Tim Jean
NH Anti-Gun Senator Sharon Carson Pic: Tim Jean

The answer is none other than Senator Sharon Carson.

She is the Senator who led the charge to get this amendment added to an otherwise harmless bill, and she has also been one of the ringleaders in throwing gun owners like you and me under the bus this legislative season.

Senator Carson has been called to the carpet several times this year, by NHFC and several other organizations as well, for her repeated opposition to bills that would protect your right to bear arms, from preemption to Constitutional Carry, and now she is trying to strike back.

If she succeeds in her attempt to muzzle the grassroots gun owner, it will be a massive blow to gun rights throughout the state.

That is why I need you to call Senator Sharon Carson today, at Home 434-2489, Cell 661-4555, or her State House Office 271-1403, tell her that her blatant disregard for the right to free speech is unacceptable. Let her know you will not stand by idly while she attempts to silence those who would stand against her gun-grabbing ways.

Then I need you to call your Senator (you can find who is your Senator here). Let them know that you will not stand by while your voice in support of Gun Rights in Concord is muzzled. Let them know that the onerous reporting requirements contained in the committee amendment to HB 1704 must be removed.

Without a single Senator who has stood firm all session for gun rights, you can be sure they all would love to see NHFC hampered in our ability to criticize their anti-gun votes.

Unless we come together right now and make sure they know you will not accept any attack on grassroots organizations’ ability to criticize legislators for their anti-gun votes, you and I are going to face an uphill battle next year when they come to take your gun rights.

You can be sure the gun-grabbers are already planning to roll back our “Stand Your Ground Law”, we need to prepare now, by stopping this assault on NHFC’s ability to hold politicians accountable for their anti-gun votes.

That is why I need you to call Senator Carson at 271-1403 and your Senator, today.

Demand that they kill this unconstitutional restriction on free speech for the grassroots gun group.

In Liberty,
Jonathan R. Evans, Esq.
President – NHFC

About New Hampshire Firearms Coalition

The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition is New Hampshire’s only No Compromise Gun Rights Organization. While many so-called “gun rights groups” work to curry favor with politicians and the media, NHFC is working aggressively to hold politicians accountable and to put a stop to gun control. Visit:

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Interested Party

You could not be farther off base, Senator Carson SPONSORED the Constitutional Carry bill that was supported by the NRA and Gun Owners of NH (GO-NH). It was the clowns at NH Firearms Coalition who screwed the pooch on this one. They had there own version (which would have allowed a 15 year old to carry a concealed weapon into their jobs at McDonalds) and actually fought with GO-NH and the NRA because they wanted ONLY their version and nothing else. NH would have Constitutional Carry except for the "My way or the Highway" attitude of theNH Firearms Coalition." THEY… Read more »