Colorado Gun Rights Victories Last Night

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners
Rocky Mountain Gun Owners

Colorado –-( Last night’s primary election once again proved that gun owners — and the issues they care about — are vital to conservative wins in elections.

In a complete and total rout, RMGO PAC won every race it was involved in.

Every race. And all of them by double digit victories.

  • Senate District 8 GOP Primary — GOP State Rep. Randy Baumgardner challenged State Senator Jean White in this mountain country district and won by more than 16%.
  • Senate District 10 GOP Primary — RMGO member and activist Owen Hill defeated weak-kneed State Rep. Larry Liston by 22% in El Paso.
  • Senate District 23 GOP Primary — RMGO member and activist Vicki Marble handily defeated long-time State Rep. Glen Vaad in northern Colorado.
  • State House District 22 GOP Primary — RMGO member Justin Everett defeated Loren Bauman in this Littleton seat.
  • State House District 63 GOP Primary — RMGO member Lori Saine held off a disgruntled write-in opponent who had failed to even garner a handful of delegates in their earlier Weld County Convention.
  • State House District 48 GOP Primary — Long-time RMGO member/activist Steve Humphrey defeated anti-gun Jeffrey Hare by a nearly 14% margin in this race, where RMGO’s survey (and Mr. Hare’s abysmal response) took center stage in this Weld County race.

These primary winners will join other RMGO PAC endorsed newcomer candidates and incumbents to dramatically increase the pro-gun contingency in the Colorado legislature.

All of these winners answered the RMGO survey 100%, and will be expected to pull at the oars for our Constitutional Rights.

But the victories last night belong to you, the activists and supporters. Well done.

For Freedom,
Dudley Brown
RMGO PAC Director

Paid for by Rocky Mountain Gun Owners PAC, Dudley Brown Treasurer

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, single-purpose citizens' organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the Constitutionally protected right-to-keep-and-bear-arms through an aggressive program designed to mobilize public opposition to anti-gun legislation. Rocky Mountain Gun Owners' mailing address is P.O. 27, Windsor, CO 80550. They can be contacted toll-free at 1-888-874-7646. Its web address is

Based in Colorado, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners is Colorado's largest state-based gun lobby. It is a group solely dedicated to the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Our strategy is simple: don't give an inch. Visit:

  • 4 thoughts on “Colorado Gun Rights Victories Last Night

    1. It is well known that the IRS is the strong arm for the government used to punish those who dare defy the administration. Could it be this is the case? Additionally, an accusation is not a conviction in our nation. I’m not defending Brown but I believe we need to wait of the facts. If he is being deceitful, I will be dropping my membership and donations.

    2. Winner: “…so if I align myself with predetermined winners of races do I get to claim victory and ask people for money?”

      Why not? That’s what the NRA does all the time! Which is also why I am a Life Member of Gunowners of America ( – because they don’t compromise – ever. Not like the NRA.

    3. Umm…so if I align myself with predetermined winners of races do I get to claim victory and ask people for money?

      Sounds like Dudley is headed down the road to poo-ville, his reprehensible tactics and ethics are starting to catch up with him!

    4. IS it true that Rocky Mountain Gun Owners hasn’t filed a tax return in 3 years and lost its non profit status.

      Why isn’t anyone registered to lobby for RMGO in the Capitol. You’d thing a “gun rights” organization would have a registered lobbyist.

      Is it true Dudley Brown was arrested for cocaine possession and assault on a young woman as reported in a CO paper some years back?
      Colorado gun group fails to file with IRS, could be hit with tax bill
      Posted: 06/25/2012 12:41:56 PM MDT
      Updated: 06/25/2012 12:42:05 PM MDT
      By Lynn Bartels
      The Denver Post

      Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, the state’s most strident gun-rights group , lost its tax-exempt status last year after failing to file with the IRS for three straight years.

      But the group, known for its hard-ball politics, as of Friday was still claiming to be a tax-exempt nonprofit on its web site, although the IRS revoked its status in May 2011.

      In addition, the Colorado secretary of state this May suspended the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners’ registration as a “charitable organization” for failure to file timely reports. Nonprofits that solicit funds must be registered with the secretary of state under Colorado law. Failure to do so is a misdemeanor, secretary of state spokeman Andrew Cole said.

      Told by The Denver Post that the group was still asking for donations on the web site as late as Friday, Chris Cash, charities program manager for the secretary of state, said the office will investigate.

      Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, led by director Dudley Brown, has a reputation for its tough tactics, particularly in GOP primaries.

      Brown — a delegate to the Republican National Convention — said Friday that his organization experienced computer problems and lost nearly three years of data, which it must recreate.

      “I plead mea culpa to not putting that high on my radar screen and refiling these,” he said. “My guess is it’s going to be a year before I can get it all figured out.”

      Attorneys familiar with IRS regulations said the gun group could be liable for thousands of dollars in back taxes on the contributions it received, but Brown said he doubts that will happen because they are working to resolve the problem.

      Rocky Mountain Gun Owners collected an average of $84,500 a year in contributions in the most recent years when it did file, IRS records show.

      On its secretary of state filing, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners says its mission is to “defend the right to keep and bear arms from all of its enemies, and advance those God-given rights by educating the people of Colorado.”

      “We tend to play rough with those who won’t answer a written survey on a constitutional issue,” Brown recently said on a Facebook site.

      Brown’s tactics over the years have angered his targets, including state Rep. Jim Kerr, R-Littleton, who lost his attempt last year to be appointed to a vacant state Senate seat. He said Brown distorted his gun record.

      Kerr said it’s no surprise that the group would fail to file tax records for three straight years.

      “Dudley Brown lives in his own universe and thinks he can play by his own rules,” Kerr said. “He’s reprehensible. The guy’s a butt.”

      Brown said he’s never said the rules don’t apply to him, but he added with a laugh that the “rules that Jim Kerr make up don’t apply to me.”

      Lynn Bartels: 303-954-5327 or [email protected]

      Read more: Colorado gun group fails to file with IRS, could be hit with tax bill – The Denver Post
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