Milwaukee PD Targets Lawful Concealed Carry Holders & Demands Law Change

Milwaukee PD Targets Lawful Concealed Carry Holders & Demands Law Change
Milwaukee PD Targets Lawful Concealed Carry Holders & Demands Law Change

Milwaukee, Wisconsin –-( The head of Milwaukee’s police force — notorious anti-gunner Chief Ed Flynn — is demanding changes to Wisconsin’s new concealed weapons law, changes that will seriously infringe the rights of gun owners.

This is despite the fact that the new law has not caused any problems but has in fact begun to thwart crime.

Even so, Flynn and Milwaukee bureaucrats are determined to concoct problems out of thin air that doesn’t exist in order to begin to dismantle lawful CCW and turn Wisconsin into a guilty-until-proven-innocent Stalinist state.

Beware of So-Called Felony CCW
One of the so-called proposed “improvements” to Wisconsin’s CCW law would ban anyone with three misdemeanor convictions in five years from obtaining a permit.

However, as Nik Clark of Wisconsin Carry, Inc. pointed out in a recent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story, “There’s a whole bunch of things that are misdemeanors,” Clark said. “Some of them I don’t think are things that should preclude people from having the right to self-defense. There’s a protester in Madison. He’s protesting Governor Walker and he gets a ticket for obstruction. That’s a misdemeanor. Let’s say someone is very active politically and they want to go protest but when they do so three times … someone gets a disorderly conduct or a disturbing the peace, or any of those misdemeanors.”

Joel Plant, chief of staff with the Milwaukee Police Department, also claimed that anyone who was not convicted of a misdemeanor due to a plea bargain from an original felony charge should not be able to carry a gun.

Anti-gun proponents want to increase the penalty for someone carrying without a permit from a misdemeanor to a felony.

“The sanctions they face are not significant,” Flynn said. “No matter how many times they are caught with that gun, the charge is a misdemeanor. It’s a misdemeanor for the first offense, it’s a misdemeanor for a 10th offense. That’s why I say they’re more afraid to get caught without their gun than with their gun.”

About Wisconsin Gun Owners

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If the applicant has fulfilled the requirements of getting the concealed carry license, how can one city's police force act in opposition to state law? Just unbelievable!


Shamefully Wisconsin Gun Owners opposed the shall issue concealed carry law passed last year. Left to WGO, Wisconsin would still be without concealed carry.


It's prick cops like this that give law abiding gun owners a bad reputation in the first place! Take this scum bag's gun from him, see how good he feels walking down the street then.. POS!! This ass clown should be fired without pension!! You're job is to ENFORCE the law, not make up the law as you see fit, jackass!


And they wonder why Indiana included a law allowing Citizens to defend themselves with Trash cops like THIS!

You ARE a LAW enforcement Officer sworn to uphold the Constitution. ACT like it!