Sheriff’s Evasion on Gun Surrender Could Open Door to Other Charges

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Sheriff’s Evasion on Gun Surrender Could Open Door to Other Charges

USA –-( Suspended San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi’s court-ordered surrendering of his personal firearms following domestic violence charges did not come off without apparent resistance and deception, a Monday report by Dan Schreiber of The Examiner documented.

“[P]olice investigators had a hard time obtaining them from Mirkarimi, who may have misled investigators about their whereabouts, according to documents filed in his official misconduct hearings,” Schreiber wrote.

The disconnect centers on Mirkarimi telling police investigators he only had two handguns when their records showed he had three. Mirkarimi told police he had sold the third, which they later recovered.

Further compounding difficulties police had in recovering the weapons: All three of them suddenly appeared in the custody of Mirkarimi’s subordinate, who would not release them to the police until the District Attorney’s office ordered the Sheriff’s Department to hand over the guns.

As Gun Rights Examiner documented when first reporting on this story in January, Mirkarimi has been a long-time and consistent advocate for strict “gun control.” That advocacy, evidently, does not extend to him.

While hypocrisy and privilege, particularly where guns are concerned, go hand-in-hand with elites in positions of power is unsurprising to those paying attention to such things, three important questions as to just how far that will extend in this case remain:

Isn’t it a crime to lie to law enforcement investigators?

If so, can we expect the same charges filed against Mirkarimi that non-“connected” citizens would face were they to defy a court order and lie to police about their guns?

If not, why?

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