Bloomberg or Holmes? Who is More Insane? You Be the Judge


Bloomberg Or Holmes? Who Is More Insane?
Bloomberg Or Holmes? Who Is More Insane? You Be The Judge

New York, NY –-( Sounds like a ridiculous question doesn’t it?

After all, James Holmes, the killer in the movie theater massacre last week just slaughtered and wounded tens of innocent people in a crowded movie theater.

Clearly, Holmes is “around the bend”, delusional and perpetrated his monstrous act due to a diseased mind, narcissism, egomania, a desperate bid for attention, even if of the notorious kind and highly likely a toxic combination of all of the above. But, in his mind, his “world” as it were, his actions make perfect sense.

Make no mistake , I’m not in anyway making excuses for what he did, but from a purely clinical, detached standpoint, his actions make sense.

He plotted for an extended period, slowly but surely gathering what he need to achieve his goals, he was by all accounts methodical in the execution of his twisted plan and he has shown absolutely no remorse for his victims or the damage he has caused. Now, apply the same methodology to Bloomberg.

I have always been fascinated with abnormal criminal psychology , both from classes in College which intrigued me enough to seek out more information, mostly from John Douglas, one of the worlds foremost experts on the subject and a man considered to be the founder of the FBI’s Criminal Behavior Profiling Unit. Interesting factoid, John Douglas was portrayed by Scott Glenn in the movie “Silence of the Lambs”.

Douglas “wrote the book” , as it were, on abnormal criminal psychology and profiling and his insights and findings are fascinating, but equally disturbing reading.

Just the other day I wrote about obvious egomania and disturbing desire for control over others exhibited by NYC Mayor Micheal Bloomberg. That’s why it was stunning to find out that last night on CNN, Bloomberg was speaking to Piers Morgan where he made the jaw-dropping statement that

“I don’t understand why police officers across this country don’t stand up collectively and say we’re going to go on strike, we’re not going to protect you unless you, the public, through your legislature, do what’s required to keep us safe,’’ he told CNN’s Piers Morgan.

“Police officers want to go home to their families. And we’re doing everything we can to make their job more difficult, but more importantly, more dangerous, by leaving guns in the hands of people who shouldn’t have them and letting people who have those guns buy things like armor piercing bullets.’’

With this comment, Bloomberg has revealed he is clearly just as “around the bend” as Holmes, sharing many of the same characteristics. Just read the list of contributing mental ailments for Holmes above and then examine not only Bloomberg’s past statements and policies, like the ban on large capacity cups and his shocking statements last night and ask yourself which ones apply equally to Holmes and Bloomberg, egomania is at the top of the list.

Bloomberg is shockingly out of touch with not only the reality but also the sentiment of police officers across the Country. Repeated surveys conducted by the National Association of Police Chiefs, dating back to 1996, surveying 15,000 Sheriff’s and Police Chiefs found 93 percent approved and supported law-abiding citizens arming themselves for self-defense. A National Survey conducted by Law Enforcement Technology Magazine showed that 76 percent of rank and file street cops believed that carry permits should be issued to all responsible and law-abiding Citizens who requested them.

The Police Marksmen Association Survey found of the Officers surveyed:

  • 95 % of Officers do not like the “large-capacity magazine ban” and 92 % did not support the “Assault Weapons” Ban
  • 93 % Disagreed with the “Brady Bill”

Again, another survey of rank and file street cops, performed by Law Enforcement Technology Magazine found:

  • 78.7 % of respondents opposed the “Assault Weapons” Ban
  • 84.6 % felt that Gun Control does NOT lessen crime.
  • 78.2 % felt that criminals will always be able to obtain guns irrespective of gun control legislation.

From the Southern States Police Benevolent Association survey of over 10,000 members we learn.

  • 96.4 % support Citizen Firearms ownership for Self Defense.
  • 86.5 % felt that waiting periods only affected law-abiding Citizens

A sample of of the subscribers of “Police” Magazine showed

  • 85 % did NOT support the ” Assault Weapons” Ban
  • 90% felt that gun ownership by Citizens did not negatively affect their jobs ( contradicting Bloomberg directly)
  • 85% Believe Citizen gun ownership INCREASES public safety
  • 77% Did not support the Brady Bill

Several high ranking Police Officers from jurisdictions around the Nation previously gave testimony before the House US Judiciary on Crime about their feelings and experiences regarding so-called “Assault Weapons”

Prepared Testimony of Sergeant William J. Hinz Before the U.S. House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime:

What is the feeling among Minneapolis police about private, honest citizens having, carrying, or owning guns?

Let me answer that with another short story.

A few years ago an officer from Hutchinson was killed by a pretty hard-core crook. He came into Minneapolis and stole a car. During the chase, my department was hoping against hope that the cop-killer would break down in the country, kick in some farmer’s door, and come face to face with a farmer who was armed and willing to use his or her firearms to protect himself and his family from this killer.

That is how much faith law enforcement has in our criminal justice system. Do we support bans on so-called semi-automatic assault weapons or pistols with high capacity magazines. No we do not.

Do we support private citizens who own firearms and are willing to use them? Absolutely.

Armed honest citizens pose no threat to their families, neighbors, or community. Disarmed citizens are little more than prey waiting for a criminal predator.

Prepared Testimony of Patrolman Bryant Jennings

I’ve confiscated weapons from felons. I’ve dodged bullets and I’ve fired my service weapon under hostile circumstances. After all is said and done, I can say this with all my professional and personal sincerity: Firearms owned and used by responsible citizens present no danger to law enforcement officers or to the community. In fact, I sincerely believe armed and trained responsible citizens are an important asset to any community.Congressman Bryant, you may remember the incident I am about to discuss. It occurred in Memphis.

It is a story of one very old, very gentle, very tough silver-haired Memphis resident who happens to be armed and dangerous to the criminals who inhabit her neighborhood. The gentle lady in question is pushing seventy. She’s lived in her home most of her life and refuses to yield her home, her possessions, or to alter her life-style for fear of criminals. No matter how bad her neighborhood became. No matter how rampant the drug trade grew or how brazen the stick-up artists became. She refused to move. She was resolved to take her stand in defense of what she believed at her little home on Reese Street. I might mention that she also owns a pistol. When armed thugs attempted to rob her on her front porch at knife-point, she drew her pistol and fired. To date, this lady helped two felons meet their maker..

Prepared Testimony by Lieutenant Dennis Tueller

“We know… I know… that gun ownership by honest citizens is totally unrelated to the violent crime problem we are experiencing.

Street officers and crime victims across the country share the belief that the number one way to reduce crime in our nation is to punish criminal behavior. Make criminals serve the time to which they are sentenced. The clock needs to be turned back to the days when prison was a deterrent to crime – when prisoners served real time for their crimes, not just short vacations away from the street.

We are not interested in more laws which criminals will flaunt and ignore. The political and dishonest “behind the scenes” actions of the anti-gun leaders of the national organizations that purport to speak America’s law enforcement professionals must be exposed and stopped.

Gun control laws are historically abject failures… guns are banned, honest citizens’ rights are destroyed and the criminals continue to avoid punishment.”

Prepared Testimony of Chief Dwaine L. Wilson

“As many of you may know, Kennesaw, Georgia gained international attention 13 years ago this past March when the city passed a law allowing the head of each household to keep and bear firearms for the defense of themselves, their families, and their homes.”


“In spite of predictions by the press and anti-gun politicians, we haven’t had any incidents where citizens have accidentally shot family members, or domestic disturbances being resolved with gunfire.

Kennesaw is an armed community but a very peaceful community.

Do we as law enforcement feel secure knowing a significant number of citizens in our community are armed? The answer is an emphatic yes indeed. In fact we are currently instituting community policing and neighborhood watch programs in Kennesaw. The police department will be working directly with armed citizens – and we are very comfortable knowing they are armed.”

Prepared Testimony by Officer Steve Rodriguez

“As a cop with plenty of “street time,” I can attest to the fact that the myth of gun control is just that-it has absolutely no bearing on reducing violent crime; in fact I would argue the reverse. An attacker is much more likely to approach someone that he perceives as unarmed and helpless. Equally useless is the ridiculous approach of disarming honest people. As a police officer I know that I cannot assume personal responsibility for all of the men, women, and children of Albuquerque. Usually, the only persons at the scene of the crime are the attacker and the victim. Police officers respond as quickly as time, distance, and logistics allow. But most crimes occur in less than a minute and without law enforcement presence. The victim must protect his or herself during the crime and until law enforcement assistance can arrive. I’ve seen it a thousand times. That is life on the street, and law enforcement is forced into a reactive role. The crimes still occur; gun control isn’t crime control, it doesn’t control crime in any way. Gun control only effects crime in one way – it helps to insure that the victim will be unarmed.”

So King Bloomberg, insanely obsessed with power and control over Citizens, didn’t even bother to find out what the actual beat cops he claims to be so concerned for felt about his ideas before running his mouth?

In one respect, I actually agree with Bloomberg. Having the Police go on strike would save untold hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer dollars. It would certainly put a crimp in hizzoner’s blatantly Unconstitutional, suspicionless “Stop and Frisk” program. It would also reduce the number of criminals in uniform that prey on Citizens. Like the NYPD Officer caught in a ticket-fixing scheme and now recently charged with soliciting for the murder of a witness against him. Or the NYPD Officer charged and convicted of breaking and entering into the apartment of a clearly intoxicated woman and raping her. Or the ring of NYPD Cops busted a couple of years back for running GUNS, amongst other things. And we all saw what happened during Katrina, cops from jurisdictions across the Country illegally confiscating Citizens Firearms and then leaving them at the mercy of armed criminal gangs. So maybe he’s onto something in that singular respect. Just as long as the first Officers to strike are his majesty’s armed to the teeth, 24/7 POLICE Security Detail that no Citizen has the luxury of.

But there’s also the fact that Citizen’s by and large are able to take care of themselves without interference from the Government. I lived in Florida in 2004 when three back-to-back Hurricanes struck the area. After a rash of thefts, looting and vasndalism took place in the aftermath of the first storm, when a second was approaching a week to ten days later, the men in the neighborhood sent all the women and children to safer area’s out of the storms path and formed an ARMED community watch group, with the knowledge, blessing and participation of Police Officers that also lived in the area.

In the days following the second hurricane, myself and many others patrolled our neighborhood with firearms in full view, loaded and ready for use, including scary-looking semi-automatic rifles with 30 round, standard capacity magazines that drive Bloomberg, the media and Gun Control Advocates into hysterics from the mere sight of them. Not a SINGLE criminal incident took place during this time. Coincidentally, this was also while the Federal level “Assault Weapons” Ban was in full effect.

So whenever you hear anyone in the media or a polticial figure talking about the now expired AWB, you will know they are either stunningly ignorant about what it did and did not do, in which case they aren’t qualified to comment, or they are intentionally lying through their teeth. Most likely a combination of both.

Michael Bloomberg is a perfect example of the old adage “Better to be thought a fool than open one’s mouth and eliminate any doubt”. How someone so obviously clueless managed to become a millionaire and Overlord of America’s largest city is a beautiful illustration of how someone doesn’t need to be smart or even knowledgeable to obtain one of the high profile elective offices in the Country.

Is he as crazy as James Holmes ? You decide

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