Dark Night Shooter James Holmes Only One to Blame – Not a Handgun, Rifle, or Shotgun


Dark Night Shooter James Holmes
Dark Night Shooter James Holmes is the only one to blame, not a handgun, rifle or shotgun.

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Yesterday’s massacre at a movie theater in Aurora Colorado bears numerous and striking similarities to the Columbine High School Massacre in 1999, thirteen years ago.

While copycat killers generally act within a very short time frame in emulating the original criminal, it is, in my opinion, impossible to ignore the possibility that the Columbine Massacre in someway large or small, inspired, or at the very least provided a template for Aurora Colorado Shooter James Holmes.

A captive collection of easy, unarmed targets in a “Gun Free Zone”, the use of shrapnel filled homemade bombs, the use of multiple weapons, deranged shooter(s), police physically on the scene when the carnage began, but still unable to do anything to intercede in time to save any of the victims. The unanswerable question of “why“?

The demonetization of near-ubiquitous semi-automatic modern rifles with the fabricated term “assault weapons” and the revolting and near-immediate calls for “more gun control”, specifically from the likes of CNN host Piers Morgan and ego maniacal N.Y City King Michael Bloomberg.

First to Emperor Bloomberg and his acolytes in the media and assorted Gun Control Groups. The meme of the so-called “easy availability of guns ” is ludicrous and a lie. Up until the Kennedy Assassination in 1963, citizens could purchase firearms through the mail, without background checks, magazine capacity limits, or all of the other restrictions now in place or proposed, across the Country.

The term “assault weapons”, is yet another lie, openly admitted to by Josh Sugarmann, the head of one of the most virulent Anti-Gun Groups, the Violence Policy Center, during an interview in 1988 in which he said, “The semi-automatic weapons’ menacing looks, coupled with the public’s confusion over fully automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons — anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun — can only increase that chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons.”

Read that quote again. The head of an Anti Gun Group the mainstream media routinely turns to for a soundbite or comment is openly admitting to intentionally taking advantage of the general public’s ignorance in order to further an agenda, and the media not only bought it, but they have also continued to propagate this myth even today.

The Obama Administration, via incompetent and treasonous Attorney General Eric Holder, already acknowledged at the beginning of their term that they desired a re institution of the now-expired “Assault Weapons Ban” that was Federal Law from 1994 to 2004. A ban that incidentally, despite what we hear in the media and from gun control groups DID NOT ban so-called “large-capacity magazines“, merely restricted the manufacture of new ones. I personally purchased and owned a Bushmaster AR Style Rifle, a WASR 10 Semi-Auto AK Style Rifle, and numerous 30 round magazines for both rifles that I legally purchased directly off the shelf of a large gun shop in the Central Florida Area, with the “Assault Weapons Ban” Federal Law in full effect in 2003.

Numerous studies of the effects (or lack thereof), including ones commissioned and performed by the Dept of Justice, showed conclusively that the “Assault Weapons Ban” had NO statistically significant effect or impact on violent crime rates, criminal misuse, or mass shooting incidents.

Clamors for “more Gun Control” is merely an easy target, nothing more, its a cheap and tawdry political ploy.

There will be few, if any calls for restrictions or bans on hyper-violent movies, primarily marketed to teens and young adults (like the Aurora Dark Night Shooter James Holmes), in spite of the fact that highly regarded, now retired US Army West Point Psychologist Lt Col Dave Grossman, in his study On Killing” makes a convincing case that desensitization is far more likely to be a significant factor in these types of incidents then the availability of the types of firearms and their accessories on the market.

“Make these films entertaining as well as violent and then simultaneously provide the viewers with candy, soft drinks, group companionship and the often intimate physical contact of a boyfriend or girlfriend. Then understand that these viewers are learning to associate these rewards with what they are watching”.

Put more simply, this is a classic Pavlovian Response.

Col Grossman went even further in his study, next addressing video games. In “On Killing”, Col Grossman demonstrated how improved training, which includes the use of video game-style simulations raised the proportion of infantrymen who fired their weapons in combat from fifteen to twenty percent in Word War II to ninety to ninety-five percent by Vietnam. The big difference between military training and what teens and young adults get in the video games/simulations is that soldiers are trained to never fire until ordered to by a superior, the game players have no such restriction indoctrinated into them.

The father of Columbine victim Rachel Scott previously refused to vilify “the easy availability of guns” or “assault weapons” when speaking of his daughter’s murder and her killers. He quite bravely and correctly assigned blame where it belonged, squarely on the shoulders of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

It’s a shame the media and our so-called leaders refuse to emulate Mr. Scott’s bravery in the face of immense tragedy and assign blame where it belongs, with the shooter and no one or nothing else.

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Bush's program had no similarity to Oba-maos as bush actually tracked them and lost none. Oba-mao never tried to track anything, even symbolically. This is the main problem, nobody can explain how this was to work, mostly because it worked as designed.


Does anyone know who is the counsel for James Holmes? Notice, how she has fear all over her face and body language. She often looks over to him.


Sorry Mark, but your simply mistaken or mis informed. The Bush program was similar, but different. The Mexican Authorities were told about the plan under Bush, the volume of weapons was significantly smaller, they were tracked the entire time and arrests were made. NONE of that occurred in F &F and in fact COULDNT have. US Law Enforcement has NO Authority inside Mexico unless Mexico grants it. So…… How exactly were US Officials going to track any weapons once they crossed the border in F & F when we already know they intentionally kept Mexican Authorities in the dark. I… Read more »


yes we are all entilted to our opinon. please open your eyes and look beyond circumstanial evidence and look at the facts. Fast and Furious was started under the Bush administration. there were definate flaws and mistakes were made that had deadly cosequences. if you look at the facts as to how those guns were sold it is happening everyday with no accountability. are you as outraged over those sales or complacent? How many more need to die. Obama has not pushed for or made any changes that have restricted our rights to ownership and should be given credit for… Read more »


Your certainly free to your opinions Mark, although I and many others clearly dont see things as you do. There is a literal mountain of circumstantial evidence that the Obama Administration was and remains neck deep in running guns to the Drug Cartels via Fast and Furious, certainly enough evidence to warrant at the very least firings and frankly , Prosecution. And Obama signing marginal expansions of gun rights , like carry in National Parks that was attached as a rider to a " must pass " bill on a wholly different issue is hardly convincing evidence he is a… Read more »


this article is nothing more than a propaganda piece. Obama has done nothing but relax gun laws and that is a fact. There will not be any meaningful gun control laws introduced in Congress or the Senate you can bet on it.

It is always amazing that as a law abiding citizen who owns a gun, that there are so many paranoid people that own guns (Paranoia and gun ownership not a good combination)

articles like this does nothing to protect gun owners rights


As traggic as this was, it could possibly give fuel to the support of the UN Gun Control Treaty that is to be signed by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. They are scheduled to sign the UN Gun Ban Treaty on JULY 27th. This is bad news for our 2nd amendment. Here is a video I found on youtube explaining what is about to happen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDQZy-J6DmE The main stream media is quite about this.

Andreas Moser

There were enough warning signs about James Holmes BEFORE the shooting: http://andreasmoser.wordpress.com/2012/07/21/jame

john rogan

took the same pain relief pills as heath ledger. the deceased actor who played the joker in the previous batman movie,,brain chemistry can make mild mannered nerds into pathological sociopaths!


Get that @**hole's picture off your website! I don't want to see his face, read his name, or hear about why his sorry life led him to this horrible crime. I just want him tried, convicted, and rotting in jail for the rest of his twisted, sick life.


Perhaps a law should be passed that everyone should be required to own a registered assault weapon to make the playing field more even. How great that would be.


It's just a matter of time before this shit happens all the time.

rick eppard

you no what i dont understand out of all them people no one had a gun to shoot that baster that bull shit,at lest in florida some one would have a gun at hand,,to shoot back what the hell wrong with the people out their.its sad.when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns and i bet this is the case their,,,i hope not but i bet it is.rick eppard.