Nugent Bets Bill O’Reilly $10,000 He Can NOT Buy a Machine Gun in 30 Days

Ted Nugent Poses with his Personal Wilson Combat Hunter in 10mm

Louisiana –-( When it comes to guns, there is plenty of spin in Bill O’Reilly’s “No Spin Zone.” The zone has been infected with a bad case of yellow journalism.

Mr. O’Reilly is either woefully ignorant of the most basic of firearm laws, nomenclature, rules and requirements, or he has a clear anti-gun agenda and is a willing puppet for those who want to end the Second Amendment.

Mr. O’Reilly recently stated on his TV program, “The O’Reilly Factor,” that anyone in America can go out and buy a machine gun or bazooka without any reporting requirements at all.

Are you kidding me?

Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth. While owning machine guns is legal, it has been intensely restricted since 1934. There is a labyrinth of federal, state and local requirements one must comply with in order to own a fully automatic weapon, short-barreled rifle or sound suppressor.

I sent Bill a note and challenged him that I would donate $10,000 to the charity of his choice if anyone on his staff can go out and legally buy a machine gun or bazooka in the next 30 days without the federal government knowing about it. No word back yet from the “No Spin Zone” guy.

There are roughly 250,000 legally owned machine guns in America — half are owned by private citizens and the other half are owned by police departments. Since 1934, there have only been two homicides committed with legally owned machine guns. Leave it to the MotorCity Madman to give you the real “no-spin” truth regarding firepower in America.

Mr. No Spin Zone must surely be spinning now that the facts have revealed his ignorance or his intentional anti-gun spin. It makes a guy wonder what other information he has been spinning instead of telling his viewers the bold, honest truth.

Similar to the slew of left-wing anti-gun ideologues, Mr. O’Reilly is guilty as sin as it pertains to telling his viewers the truth about guns.

The truth it seems, however interesting, is apparently irrelevant to the media, including Mr. O’Reilly.

I’ve watched countless media windbags over the last 40 years either play fast and loose with the facts or overtly lie about guns to push an anti-gun agenda. That’s why all of the gun owners I know don’t trust the media when it comes to accurate information about guns.

The real truth about guns and crimes is simple to learn, which is why Mr. O’Reilly’s statements have more in common with his previous entertainment television gig “Inside Edition” than his vaunted “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox.

Because of his woefully ignorant statements or his anti-gun beliefs, I’ll be much more suspicious of anything Mr. O’Reilly says.

Americans are owed the truth by our media. They are supposed to be the fourth arm of society, the watchdogs of our government. When we can’t trust the media (and there are ample reasons to not trust them), then it is even more incumbent upon us to dig deep and learn the truth about any number of issues.

Let’s see just how big a man Mr. O’Reilly is and whether he tells his viewers that he and his crack staff of researchers got it all wrong, as wrong as wrong can be. Let’s see how he tries to spin himself and his staff out of this balderdash.

Mr. O’Reilly has been caught red-handed in a web of ignorance or falsehood. Until he comes clean, I suggest watching his program with a jaundiced eye. I’m sure even Mr. O’Reilly knows that once his credibility with his audience is gone, the gig is up.

About Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent is an American rock ‘n’ roll, sporting and political activist icon. He is the author of “Ted, White, and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto” and “God, Guns & Rock ‘N’ Roll” (Regnery Publishing).

Ted Nugent

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Sorry about the last statement. Ted did say legally buy.


He didn’t say which way to buy it. If he buys an illegal one he can have it today.


long live the spirit of the wild go uncle ted i am 51 had guns all my life and they ant no body going to take them form me . and for o"REILLY he"d piss his pants if he did not have his body guard with his gun and in the woods for one night GO UNCLE TED………… BOB Q form mississippi…. o"REILLYS a bum


Alway knew he wasn't a conservative. When Bill Clinton suggested that he give the President his point of view as a conservative he dodged the issue and claimed to be independent which is about party affiliation and not philosophy. His lies about guns make me wonder how many times in the past he has lied to me and I didn't recognize it. I have officially stopped watching.

Steve Ozbolt


maybe fox will get rid of this guy if he get's low ratings.. he talks out his bottom side.

johnny fucken gung h

i hope someone hits the traitor in the head with a bat and kills the badster then fucken bloomass will pass a law to ban bats ass holes you know that poor bill cant cunt so he lie about whatever god bless ted and his famaly dom on bill

Uncle Ted Rules

I never saw the reason for O'Reilly's popularity. I find him boring and obviously clueless about constitutional matters.


Thanks for the dose of truth, Uncle Ted!

Dan in Colorado

After yelling at the TV when O'Reilly made that ignorant comment and tried to shout down Rep. Chaffetz, I vowed to never watch the O'Reilly Factor again. I haven't watched it since that day…..he's too ignorant and refused to be educated.

Robert Krawiec

O'reilly is a major disappointment, thought he was a staunch conservative. Seems all he wants is to sell books and memberships to line his wallet. Sorry Bill, will skip your show from now on. If I want fiction, there are movies on other channels.

Dumbo Zumbo

I have to admit I dont care for Nugent, but Sir I give you a thumbs up on this call-out!


O'reilly is just another stooge furthering the hidden agenda. He has no self-control the guy got compromised by a skirt!


Mr. no spin O'Reilly is a liberal masking himself as a faux conservative. Like all liberals he lies. When he is caught out he ignores the person who caught him in his lie. That is why he lost his talk radio show. You can't fool all of the people all of the time.

William Harrison

If the funds went to charity I'd want some of that action! Can't do the $10K but I'll put up $1K that OReilly can't!

Ken Windeler

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I watch O'Reilly, mainly because some of his guest commentators are quite good. Yes I saw the episodes in question and like a lot of "folks" e-Mailed the big "O" and voiced my complaint.

John Dough

O'Reilly's in the tank with Bloomberg, UN and Obama when it come s to gun control. Getting the FBI involved? Are you kidding me!


Ted should have thrown in a McDonalds happy meal for Bill if he was able to get a machine gun in less than 30 days LOL


According to FBI stats in 2009 only 5% of violent crimes were stopped by police before they could be perpetrated. That means that police acted as evidence collectors in 95% of violent crimes committed in 2009. The police cannot protect us. However, OReillys armed bodyguard can protect him. A cop has a gun to protect himself…are we and our families less?


I remember during Katrina when OReilly told his audience that the government couldn't protect the folks and it was up to them to protect themselves from the roaming thugs. Now OReilly states that he supports a ban on weapons other than those strictly for hunting. OReilley cares about OReilly folks and his ratings. Period.

Mr. Zsaz

God Bless You Ted!

Mr. Dude

"Nugent Bets Bill O’Reilly $10,000 He Can NOT Buy a Machine Gin in 30 Days"

What's a "Machine Gin"?

Henry Kissenger

Nugent just won himself 10,000 dollars. Takes about six months to a year and a half to complete the transfer of a class 3 weapon(Silencers, Short Barreled Rifles, Short Barreled Shotguns, AOW's, and machine guns).


Even if he could, Which of course he can't, the $10k will not even cover the cost of said machine gun.