Obama Supports New Semi-Auto Gun Ban

Obama Supports New Semi-Auto Gun Ban
Obama Supports New Semi-Auto Gun Ban

Charlotte, NC –-(Ammoland.com)- Q: Just returning to guns for a moment.

You've said, in response to a bunch of questions, that he [the President] supports enforcing — better enforcing existing laws. His position in the past has been in favor of renewing the assault weapons ban, which would, at this point, be a new law. He also said in New Orleans that AK-47s belong on the battlefield, not on the streets.

Does he still support that legislation?

MR. CARNEY: He does. And I’ve said that before from the podium in the last week, that he does support renewing the assault weapons ban. I think what I’ve noted in the past, and what I noted here, is that there has been reluctance by Congress to pass that renewal.

Read the transcript: White House Press Briefing

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    1. Does this include banning the ones the terrorists training camps hidden in the United States of America ?
      Or is there an executive order protecting non – Americans ?

    2. All of these comments I agree with however, if we cannot get our message out, it will make no difference. We have to start making the main stream media, do their job. They have become biased and criminal, in reporting the news truthfully. They control the narrative because, other than FoxNews and talk radio, Democrats are in control of all other media outlets. It's simply a numbers game and they have more speaking against guns, than we have speaking for them. If we don't address this media monopoly, I'm afraid we will lose the debate!

    3. To whom it may concern;

      I have a fantastic solution for the safety of our children. Hire the vets and use them, to keep security at the schools. They are experienced, capable, and can handle any situation that may confront them.

      To me this seems like the most logical solution, they need jobs we need the schools protected; this way the teachers won’t have to be armed. You can make them part of the Department of Homeland security.


      James Turnage

      To whom it may concern:

      I am sick and tired hearing all this talk about violent action video games.

      #1 Action video games have been around almost forever.

      #2 There are millions of gamers out there, and you do not hear about the other 999999 others killing people.

      #3 for a person to snap and cause deadly mayhem, that person must have a propensity for violence.

      So get off your bandwagon and go after crooked politicians instead, that would be much more satisfying to your alter ego thinking you know everything,

      Thank you.

      James Turnage

      These same vets can be used for fireman in the areas needed.

    4. Obama is pandering to his base. I doubt a new assault gun/magazine ban could pass the Senate and there is no way it will pass the House. Enough Dems remember what happened in 92 and 94. (92 you ask? The Bush41 assault gun ban did as much to elect Clinton as the tax flip.) And by the way, the 89 ban was also pushed due to gun violence in Mexico. Some things never change.

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