Campaigns Funding… the Media

Fake Biased News NRA-ILA iStock
Fake Biased News NRA-ILA iStock

PHOENIX, AZ –-( The lamestream media told you: NBC News is reporting that American politics has reached a milestone.

Spending on the 2012 presidential campaign for broadcast radio and TV has surpassed a half-billion dollars, and that was before Labor Day, according to Brian Williams. That is greater than the entire cost of the campaign in 2008. The implication is that money is ruling politics and that is not a good thing.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
Missing from NBC’s report is who GETS the money. NBC does, along with their other media colleagues. The broadcast media and certain other First Amendment industrial-strength institutions now rely on huge political-system contributions to keep their books in the black.

What do you make of the incest in that?

That money comes in large measure from extremely wealthy people and companies on all sides of the aisle, which all sides of the aisle accuse the others of using.

This may help explain why broadcast “news” is a virtual wasteland of tired reporting that floats mindless coverage of where candidates are and what mud they are slinging at each other on a daily basis, instead of any substantive reporting on who these people are, what they stand for, and how much knowledge they have of actual issues or what they would do if elected. A tiny handful of repetitive topics displaces any discussion of the hundreds of meaningful subjects facing the nation.

Hard questions are known but never asked. See, for example, see The Liberty Poll, with tough policy and issue questions you will never hear from reporters afraid to bite the hand that feeds them.

1 – If you are elected to the office you seek:

a) what laws will you repeal;
b) what taxes will you reduce or eliminate;
c) what government agencies will you shrink or close?

2 – Would you support criminal penalties:

a) for politicians who violate their oath of office;
b) for bureaucrats who act outside the powers delegated to them?

3 – When did you last read your state and the federal Constitutions? How well do you understand them?

4 – Should someone who has sworn an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, but who then votes to allocate tax funds to programs or departments not authorized by that Constitution, be removed from office?

5 – Can you name any current areas of government operations that are outside the authority delegated to the government?

Read the rest, use it the next time you see a politician:


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