How to Clean & Lubricate Firearms for Longterm Storage

How to properly clean, lubricate and protect firearms with Mil-Comm gun care products for long term storage.

Mil-Comm Products
Mil-Comm Products

SHOT SHOW, LAS VEGAS, NV, Booth 4227 – -( PREPARATION OF THE SURFACE: It is critical that you thoroughly clean all parts before applying the lubricant protectant.

For optimal results, you want to establish pH-neutral condition on metal surfaces. It is important to note that many cleaners leave either a high acidity or high alkalinity pH condition, which promotes a corrosive parts surface condition. If you use a solvent-based cleaner, including CLP, you must remove that residue. A neutral pH condition of about 8.2 pH is best to discourage cleaner residue-caused corrosion.

Mil-Comm Products Company recommends beginning with its MC25 water-based, enzymatic cleaner degreaser. Follow that with a thorough cleaning of parts with 91%+ isopropyl alcohol (commonly found in retail pharmacies). This will ensure a neutral pH, residue-free parts surface condition. Always use clean, dry cotton to apply, and do not re-introduce solvents. Inspect cotton applicators and continue until visibly clean. Let stand until dry (about 2 minutes).

Immediately apply MC3000 semi-fluid or TW25B grease to clean, dry parts. Apply evenly with an appropriate applicator (dry, clean cotton patches or swabs). Ideally, you want to work the lubricant protectant into parts. You want to established a heavy coat condition whereas you visibly see the lubricant on the parts, but still able to see the parts metal through an obvious white haze of the lubricant protectant.

Application Instructions: Alternatively, TW25B light synthetic grease can be used. If you have the TW25B 16.9 fl. oz. EP spray bottle, Mil-Comm recommends that you spray down a firearms in a two-step process. Spray parts down once and let sit until dry. Rub grease into parts. Then, spray on the second layer of protection and let dry. This can is a non-aerosol, pressurized can that contains isopropyl alcohol as the carrier fluid, along with the TW25B grease. Ideal for all metal parts surfaces.

The hardware is now ready for storage in a gun safe, or alike secure storage.

After one week, double check your work with a close visual inspection of the metal surfaces. If you identify any peppering of rust or corrosion, repeat the process on those areas using Mil-Comm gun care products. Continue to inspect periodically. After the storage event, wipe parts to a thin coating, and lock and load.

Disclaimer: These procedures have been practiced and proven for over 30 years. However, Mil-Comm Products Company, Inc. does not provide a warranty or guarantee based on these results as the company is not directly control the variables of your individual maintenance event. Proceed with caution at your own risk.

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