Vermont: Unnecessary Gun Control Bill Unveiled in Montpelier

Lawmaker Wants One of the Strictest Waiting Periods in the Country!


Charlotte, NC –-(  House Bill 335 and House Bill 336, both sponsored by Representative George Till (D-Chittenden-3), were introduced this week in the Vermont House of Representatives.

These bills do nothing to address public safety or crime, and they represent yet another attack on the Second Amendment rights of lawful gun owners.

House Bill 335 would impose a 48-hour waiting period on the purchase of a firearm.  After completing a NICS (National Instant Check System) check, the firearm would be held at the dealer’s shop for 2 days.  The waiting period would apply to all firearm purchases, including pistols, rifles and shotguns.   Waiting periods have no impact on public safety or crime.  On the other hand, waiting periods compromise the personal safety of individuals who may be facing a specific threat and are in need of immediate protection.

Criminals do not used legally purchased, registered firearms.  The vast majority of states do not have waiting periods because they have been wholly ineffective.  Because this legislation imposes a waiting period on both pistols and long guns, it would be one of the strictest waiting periods in the country.

House Bill 336 is also a flawed piece of legislation.  It prohibits the “pointing or aiming” of a firearm at another individual and imposes a fine and jail time.  It does not make an exemption for individuals acting in self-defense.  Anyone who uses a firearm to legally defend themselves from a criminal attack would be subject to criminal prosecution.

Also introduced is House Bill 341 Sponsored by John Moran (D-Windham-Bennington) that would allow the legal use of suppressors for all people lawfully using a firearm. This would allow hunters and recreational shooters alike to help protect their hearing and lessen noise complaints. Your NRA-ILA will keep you informed of this legislation when more information is available.

 Both HB 335 and HB 336 have been referred to the House Judiciary Committee but have not been scheduled for a hearing date.  Please contact the House Judiciary Committee members and ask them to oppose HB 335 and HB 336 Your NRA-ILA will continue to post updates as information becomes available.

House Judiciary Committee:


William Lippert Chairman (D-Chittenden-4-2)


[email protected]


Maxine Grad Vice Chairman (D-Washington-7)


[email protected]


Thomas Koch Ranking Member (R/D-Washington-2)


[email protected]


Charles Conquest (D-Orange-Caledonia)


[email protected]


Andrew Donaghy (R-Rutland-1)


[email protected]


Michelle Fay (D-Caledonia-3)


[email protected]


Charles Goodwin (I-Windham-Bennington-Windsor)


[email protected]


Richard Marek (D-Windham-5)


[email protected]


Vicki Strong (R-Orleans-Caledonia)


[email protected]


Linda Waite-Simpson (D-Chittenden-8-2)


[email protected]
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    1. In California,home of the Wicked Witch of the West (Senator Feinstein), we have to wait 10 days for long guns(rifles,carbines,shotguns)and 10 days for handguns before we can pick them up after the background check that we pay for is instituted.For handgun purchase you have to pay for a test of common sense about guns before you can own one and a California Department of Justice Handgun SAfety Certificate is issued that is good for 5 years.Also you have to show proof of residence other than your CA I.D. or CA Driver’s license when purchasing a handgun.Such as a car registration.A water and power bill or there are exemptions that you can show such as a current guard card. We have the 10 round mag capacity.Most AR and AK rifles are still banned and the ones that got through have to have a fixed magazine.Its a magazine with a bullet button.It slows down reloads.A few got through that are American made that don’t have to have a fixed magazine.Those rifles don’t have a dinstinctive pistol grip.So if God Forbid Senator Feinstein’s bill passes it will really make it hell for California and other states.I heard that the Glock semi-auto pistol will be banned in all its forms to civilians because of the Glock 18 select-fire variant if Feinstein’s bill passes.I’m sure there thinking up more hoops for us to jump through before purchasing firearms.It shouldn’t be like this.It’s all unconstitional.I’m thinking about moving to another state but than that means they won and there still trying to get this stuff and more Nationwide.I’m staying and I’m going to fight the good fight!!!!

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