Iowa: Pro-Gun Bill Passes in House Judiciary Committee


Charlotte, NC –-(  On Wednesday, March 6th 2013, NRA-backed House File 81 passed unanimously in the House Judiciary Committee by a 20-0 vote.

Introduced by state Representative Matt Windschitl (R-17), this important legislation would prohibit the publication of the names and addresses of individuals possessing permits to acquire and carry.

In other parts of the country, anti-gun media outlets abused their privileges under the Freedom of Information Act and have jeopardized the safety of law-abiding citizens by publishing the names and addresses of registered gun owners.  Contrary to their claims, these media elites have not increased public safety.  Rather, they have simply provided a map for criminals to use for their next burglary and firearm theft.  This legislation would prevent this from happening in Iowa, and would also crack down on straw purchasers and other people who knowingly attempt to illegally or fraudulently purchase firearms.  HF 81 now moves to the House floor for consideration.

Please contact your state Representative TODAY and urge him or her to support HF 81.
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  • 3 thoughts on “Iowa: Pro-Gun Bill Passes in House Judiciary Committee

    1. Why would you want to broadcast your ownly surprise to a criminal. If that something you want to do it’s your priviledge. I would rather have the element of surprise on my side.Now you can buy sticker’s to put on you house,car,& garage that say this property is under the careful eyes of my camera’s and I carry a gun. I think that would get the message across.

    2. In NC this is a mute point, you already have to get 3 affidavits from persons outside your family that you are of good moral character.And a local background by check the Sheriff just to purchase a pistol, not carry.Certainly not a secret.Beside that I want people to know I am armed, put it on the front page, I would prefer if they also said I am a marksman and don’t mind killing someone who illegally enters my house.

    3. Need to tell them no on all anti-gun issues. Don’t give an inch or they’ll take a mile! Watch them. They are sneaky.

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