Connecticut Senate Passes Gun Ban Legislation, CT Inches Closer to the Edge

Senators make clear their anti freedom political agendas.

Connecticut Carry
Connecticut Carry

Connecticut –-( The Connecticut Senate made clear today that they have no respect for liberty, the rule of law or the rights of the citizens of Connecticut when they voted in favor of SB 1160 which is the ‘Emergency Certified’ bill which they formulated behind closed doors, in secret meetings, afforded no public hearings and then rushed through.

The fact that it was an Emergency Certified bill demonstrates the will of the Senate to destroy our constitutionally protected rights through deception and betrayal. The proposal was made public on Monday, 4/1/13. The bill’s text was completed on the morning of Wednesday, 4/3/13 and subsequently the Senate took up a vote the same day.

Many Senators admitted to not having read the bill at all, or that they only scanned through it.

Various Senators posed real questions and called for amendments to the bills raising concerns about how this bill would impact law enforcement, the mentally ill and other matters. Senators repeatedly brought up the fact that mental health resources are being taken away by the state at a time when they are paying lip service to the problem and banning firearms and magazines. Indeed, they discussed many communications from constituents that they needed mental health services and that the programs had either been shut down previously or were on the table to be cut.

Connecticut Senators know that mental health services are being cut statewide, but have almost entirely ignored the topic devoting a tiny portion of SB 1160 to mental health related topics.

More alarmingly, the senators in support of SB 1160 repeatedly expressed their will to continue on the topic of gun bans in future legislative sessions and go for outright confiscation legislation next time.

Despite the fact that legislators stated that one of the intents of this bill was to provide for increased ‘Safe Storage’, a bill that would further facilitate the safe storage of firearms using tax credits for safes and lock boxes that was brought forward by Senator Kane.

Surreal moments of astounding ignorance were present at the session.

Senator Gary LeBeau compared the polarized fight over the right to bear arms to slavery during the civil war. There is little as shocking, offensive and completely facially ignorant as to compare gun owners to slave owners.

Senator Toni Harp downplayed 25 dead and 115 injured children in China when she stated that no kids died in China when madmen with knives attacked them. Senator Donald Williams repeated this ignorant lie calling the most common firearms in the country ‘weapons of war’ demonstrating a complete lack of understanding of what weapons are involved in wars.

Senator Carlo Leone stated that “It’s the assault weapons with high capacity rounds that can fire multiple rounds in a minute”, which is also true of muskets, revolvers, single shot rifles and bolt actions. He clearly leaked his own personal feelings when advocating for banning as ‘Assault weapons’ every firearm in existence.

Senator Martin Looney confirmed that the gun ban language in the bill has been on a 20 year old agenda and that they simply have not had the emotional energy to pass the bill like they wanted to. This means the legislature is simply exploiting the Newtown Massacre for their legislative agenda.

The gun ban bill (SB 1160) will now move forward to the Connecticut House of Representatives.

  • The bill text is here:
  • The bill status is here:

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I live here and, Uh, Were Screwed. I’m not registering anything until I absolutely have to. Angry is an understatement as to my feelings especially with the back door politics that took place. In addition i have no more sympathy for Newtown and they will not get another penny for donations from me ever again. What’s the phrase politicians use, never let a bad situation go to waste ?


I hope that every firearm manufacturer packs up and leaves the state. Ditto for gun owners that are in a position to leave.

The fools that run the state are just getting started.

Bill Baker

Mostly for sarcasm, but since Obama seems confused when he says ‘we can’t have tyranny because we are the people’ I made a white house petition to officially declare him a tyrant, if anyone wants to sign. 😉

5 War Veteran

Treason pure and simple and using “implied consent” as a reason is just another manipulation and lie.


a question..Is it not time to Constitutionally remove the traitors to the Constitution from office…?