Introducing the Drone Treestand by Ol’ Man Outdoors

Drone Treestand by Ol' Man Outdoors
Drone Treestand by Ol’ Man Outdoors
OL'MAN Outdoors
OL’MAN Outdoors

Tallahassee, FL – -(   The Drone from Ol’ Man Outdoors offers many features of traditional Ol’ Man treestands, but The Drone’s unique qualities make it unlike any climbing treestand on the market.

The Drone’s self-leveling design provides you with the safest and fastest way to level your treestand while climbing. Thanks to the revolutionary patented HEX-DRIVE TECHNOLOGY, you can make adjustments to the angles of both the standing and sitting platform with a simple turn of your wrist.

The Drone incorporates new aluminum oval tubing that makes the stand, which weighs only 22 lbs, lighter than other climbing treestands.

Fluorescent cable heads make assembly in the dark easy, and the unique pivot arm design takes away the bulkiness of the stand, allowing you to pack it up to less than 4-inches thick.

The Drone utilizes a Comfortech net seat, which is the quietest and most comfortable seat offered on a treestand. Sit for hours in comfort on the 21″ wide net seat while waiting for that big buck to appear. The Drone is rated for a 300 lb. capacity.

This ultimate hunting treestand integrates three treestands in one. The shooting rest, straight bar and footrest provide a comfortable hunt no matter what game you are pursuing. Convenient accessory holders can hold your binoculars, range finder, deer calls and more.

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