‘Turning Ideas Into Income’ by Bullet Maker Dave Corbin

A new book by Dave Corbin on building a successful home-based custom bullet business.

Turning Ideas Into Income
Turning Ideas Into Income

White City, OR –-(Ammoland.com)- It’s unusual to find a business book written for shooters, but the author has helped more than 400 people get their start in successful custom bullet making businesses over the past 40 years, and wants to pass the information along to other aspiring bullet makers.

Nearly every custom bullet firm in the world has Corbin presses, tools and dies for development, prototype or short run production. Such well-known firms as Cor-Bon Bullets, Swift Bullets, Trophy Bonded Bullets, Glaser Safety Slugs — and more than 90% of the custom bullet firms existing today — either got their start with Corbin equipment and services or help from Corbin’s previous eight books and more than 400 technical articles.

This knowledge is condensed into 220 pages of help with organization, promotion, marketing, and operating a small business, with emphasis on custom bullet making, although the concepts apply equally well to a variety of businesses.

“Turning Ideas Into Income” is not a technical bullet-making book.

It is a “become wealthy by working proficiently” book, written with humor and a few rants, detailing proven techniques for maximizing income on a small budget, and advice for building and enjoying wealth while helping others enjoy a better life as well.

Turning Ideas Into Income is available online at www.SwageDies.com, under the “books” section, or directly from Corbin at PO Box 2659, White City, Oregon 97503, for $12.95. (ISBN 978-1-891935-09-1)