Master Of Chaos Reality-Based Novice Training, 6-Day Immersion in Handguns, Shotguns & Rifles

Master Of Chaos Is A Multi-Day Reality-Based Training Program
Master Of Chaos Is A Multi-Day Reality-Based Training Program
Pulse O2DA Firearms Training
Pulse O2DA Firearms Training

Chicago, IL –-(  Master of Chaos is a multi-day reality-based training program that develops the skills and instincts needed to decisively win a lethal force encounter.

The Master of Chaos programs utilize force-on-force reality-based training in order to hone client skills and techniques against some of the best instructors in the firearms industry.

Ron Danielowski, Co-founder and Chief Instructor of Pulse O2DA Firearms Training, Inc. offered:

“Master of Chaos “MoC3” was created for clients with no prior weapons experience who are interested in an accelerated, total immersion training experience. By the end of their MoC3 training they will have better shooting, gun-handling, maneuvering and tactical knowledge than most military or law enforcement personnel who have successfully completed their basic training requirements.”

MoC3 is a turnkey program that includes the weapons – we have specified a provisioning package (sold via a FFL dealer) consisting of handgun, rifle, shotgun, ammunition, accessories and carrying case. This package has been developed to Pulse O2DA specifications and includes all of the base weapon platforms plus tactical upgrades including holsters, slings, lights, optics, and sights.

MoC3 Provisioning Package
MoC3 Provisioning Package

The next program date is August 25 – 30, 2013 at Hollow Training Center in Mt. Carroll, IL. Please visit for more details on the Master of Chaos programs.

About Pulse O2DA Firearms Training, Inc. We have one objective at Pulse O2DA – to teach our clients the gun fighting skills necessary to win the fight of their life. We don’t teach competitive shooting or recreational gun handling skills. We teach a devastatingly effective gun fighting methodology we created called the Pulse Engine, a method that quite simply unravels an adversary. We offer training classes, sell manuals that describe our methodology and have an on-line subscriber based gun fighting portal called the Pulse O2DA Armory. If you are serious about weapons training and you enjoy learning not just the mechanics, but also the theory, strategy and tactics that allow you to dominate a lethal threat confrontation – then register for a course, buy our manuals or subscribe to the Pulse O2DA Armory.

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