Is George Digweed The Best Shot In The World?

George Digweed has won his 22nd world championship.
George Digweed has won his 22nd world championship.
Fieldsports Channel TV
Fieldsports Channel TV

United Kingdom –-( The headlines this week: George Digweed makes it 22 world championship titles, man handles sharks, grouse-shooting prospects, and PJ Harvey is a fan of hunting.

George Digweed has won his 22nd world championship. The ueber-shooter won the World English Sporting Championships in Canada by just two clays. That brings his tally to two worlds and two Europeans this year. There are calls from shooters in the UK to give him a knighthood. No shooter has dominated the sport like Digweed, with world championship wins over four decades and no sign that he is slackening his grip on Sporting clays.

Singer PJ Harvey has had antis slagging her off because she supports foxhunting. In an interview in NME magazine, the British pop sensation said “Seeing the hunt out on the fields is just so natural to me”. To listen to Polly Harvey's music, visit

With the Glorious Twelfth and the start of grouse-shooting season just round the corner, it’s the turn of a Scottish agent to give his view on the upcoming season. Last week, Robert Benson of the Moorland Association predicted a late seasons as many broods were late this year. Lachie Smith from Highland Sporting, based near Inverness, says Scottish estates are happy with the numbers of grouse they have – “but they are all sizes”. He recommends starting grouseshooting in Scotland towards the end of August, rather than on the Glorious Twelfth of August, the traditional start of the season in the UK.

And finally, an angler fishing off the coast of Nantucket had a dose of fishing rage when a shark pinched his catch. Elliot Sudal jumped into the water, grabbed the shark and hauled it out along with the remains of his bluefish. He later claims he has done that to hundreds of sharks. To see his film, visit

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