Some ‘Smartgun’ Technology Helps Accuracy While Another Causes Concern

Riflemen consistently hitting targets from two miles away used to be a phenomenon reserved for military personnel. Not anymore.

Yardarm SmartGun Technologies
Yardarm SmartGun Technologies
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-( Companies are developing technology that boosts precision, range, security and safety to levels never before seen by civilian gun owners. “Smartguns” are being hailed as innovative by some, and controversial by others.

TrackingPoint Precision Guided Rifles
Imagine being able to lock-and-load on a moving target from a couple thousand yards out and hitting it every single time. That is exactly what TrackingPoint‘s ​XactSystem brings to its XS1, XS2 and XS3 model rifles.

These high-tech firearms emulate the technology used in military fighter jets that allow pilots to lock in a moving target and fire with near 100 percent accuracy.

The system – which consists of a guided trigger, tracking scope and tag button – can be added to any bolt-action firearm that uses conventional ammunition, according to the company’s website. Jason Schauble, the TrackingPoint’s CEO and former marine, told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that the accuracy of XactSystem rifles makes for a safer overall experience for hunters and increases the chance of an ethical shot on the animal.

Some gun rights and hunting groups aren’t as enthusiastic. Jim Wallace of the Massachusetts Gun Owners Action League, told Fox News that traditional precautions like training courses at, are more than enough to maximize safety. He also said the technology isn’t desired by “legitimate” gun owners. Bloomberg Businessweek went as far as comparing the technology to video games, with Schauble specifically mentioning “Call of Duty” fans as potential XactSystem owners. But don’t expect to see TrackingPoint rifles under many Christmas trees this holiday season. A custom-made rifle from the company costs anywhere from $22,000 to $27,000.

Yardarm Technologies
Your home could be an armed castle even when you aren’t present if Yardarm has it way. The company has developed a geo-location and tracking system which allows for remote firing of any gun. Known as “Safety First,” Yardarm’s technology alerts gun owners if their firearm is moved, allows remote disabling and enabling of the safety, and maintains data as to where your firearm has been. Bob Stewart, the CEO of Yardarm, said in a press release that the technology allows gun owners to stay connected with their firearm via their smartphone.

Critics say the technology could be dangerous if hackers figured out how to breach the system and use gun owners’ own firearms against them. ( Editor Note See : Remote Gun Locator And Shutoff Poses Predicted Threat To Gun Rights )

The company has time to address this potential issue, as the first prototypes are not expected to hit the market until October.

Smartguns” are not new technology, but are just now starting to become available to the public. The New Jersey Institute of Technology introduced the first smartgun in 2005. Its technology would recognize the hand-size and grip of the gun owner, and only fire for that person. NJIT had been working on the project since 1999 and now companies are finishing what it started.

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